Lianwen Weekly Hot Search | Facebook changes its name to promote the popularity of the universe, and the concept of Meme becomes popular again


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Although a large number of new hot words appeared on the hot search list this week, the DeFi 2.0 leader OlympusDAO continued to top the list. In the ever-changing market hotspot, the competitiveness of “core concepts” such as DeFi 2.0 and the new public chain has not diminished.

Written by: Yongzhe

The popularity of DeFi 2.0 remains high this week, and OlympusDAO (OHM) and ABRACADABRA (SPELL) continue to dominate the list as the leading DeFi 2.0 projects. Facebook’s move to change its name to Meta earned enough attention, and at the same time contributed to a new round of explosions on the meta-universe circuit. The MEME projects represented by Shiba (SHIB) have once again attracted a lot of attention in the past week due to their eye-catching market performance. The market value of SHIB has surpassed Dogecoin and ranked ninth in the total market value of cryptocurrencies. In addition, it is worth mentioning that 11 of the top 20 hot words in this week’s hot search list are new hot words on the list. The rapid change of market hotspots is also a strong evidence of the rapid development and high popularity of the market.

Data cycle: October 23-October 29, 2021

The algorithmic reserve currency protocol OlympusDAO/OHM continues to dominate the list. The pledge value captured by the protocol and the total market value of its tokens have risen all the way. Since the first launch of Olympus Pro last month, OP Bond has been its top 7 partners-Abracadabra, Alchemix, Float Protocol, Frax, Pendle, ShapeShift and StakeDAO-captured $7.5 million in liquidity. In addition, Olympus Pro’s five professional partners in the future include Synapse, Thorstarter, PoolTogether, Inverse and BarnBridge. The agreement to control liquidity has become a development trend.

Lianwen Weekly Hot Search | DeFi 2.0 continues to top the list, Meta Universe and Meme track lead to an explosion OlympusDAO data performance (source

Abracadabra is a stable currency protocol based on interest-bearing assets, and its role in the entire DeFi 2.0 ecosystem is also very important. The practical process of DeFi 2.0 can be simply summarized as: buy USDT, pledge it to Yearn, put the obtained yvUSDT into Abracadabra, and use interest calculation MIM is mined with tokens, then MIM is put into 3Mpool, converted into USDT, and finally USDT is used to purchase and pledge OHM.

Lianwen Weekly Hot Search | DeFi 2.0 continues to top the list, Meta Universe and Meme track lead to an explosion ABRACADABRA.MONEY and Yearn linkage performance (data source [email protected])

On October 29, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook would be renamed “Meta”. This incident immediately ignited the entire meta-universe ecology. Decentraland, the leading meta-universe project, was on the list this week. Widely concerned, it is a distributed sharing virtual platform, built on Ethereum, and at the same time helping others to establish a state channel, users can browse and discover content, and interact with other people and entities.

MVI is a meta-universe index fund launched by Indexcoop. Its trend can be seen in the recent popularity of the meta-universe track. The TOP5 project tokens of MVI holdings are MANA, ILV, SAND, AXS, ENJ.

Lianwen Weekly Hot Search | DeFi 2.0 continues to top the list, Meta Universe and Meme track lead to an explosion MVI Index Fund (Source:

This week’s sharp contrast with Bitcoin’s decline is undoubtedly the Shiba Inu ecological token Shiba. When Bitcoin plummeted to around USD 58,000, SHIB set a record high of USD 0.000088 since its issuance for more than a year. Over the weekend, the total market value of 37 billion US dollars has surpassed DOGE, the earliest asset born in the Meme sector, and squeezed into the top ten of the crypto asset market value rankings, ranking ninth. The popularity of the Meme project means that many individual investors are extremely greedy for investment sentiment, and the value of the Meme project still needs time to verify.

The public chain projects on the list this week are: DFINITY, Fantom, Near, Solana, Celo, Terra, and Harmony. Each public chain ecology and TVL are steadily growing and prosperous. It is worth mentioning that DFINITY is a forgotten “Death of Heaven”. The “level” project re-entered the list because on the one hand, last week’s Shanghai Wanxiang Blockchain Summit DFINITY had a large number of exposed opportunities as the main sponsor, and on the other hand, its own ecology has also made certain developments. At present, DFINITY has 333 nodes, 24 sub-chains, and a total of 76 online projects in ecological terms. More projects that receive assistance from the ICP Foundation will be launched in the first quarter of next year. The earlier proposal passed by the community: ICP will directly integrate the Bitcoin network through the application of Chainkey encryption technology to provide smart contract support for the Bitcoin network. Currently, the technology has completed early development and entered the security testing stage. It is expected to be launched early next year. We will or You will see the explosion of the DFINITY ecosystem.

Lianwen Weekly Hot Search | DeFi 2.0 continues to top the list, Meta Universe and Meme track lead to an explosion DFINITY basic data (source:

Friends with Benefits, a new DAO project, also made the list. a16z announced that the investment in the project has received all the attention. a16z said it will provide guidance to it and plans to empower key community members to actively participate in governance through authorization. Joining FWB requires a written application, reviewed and voted by the community itself, and a minimum of FWB tokens to represent ownership in the DAO. Since its inception as a social experiment in September 2020, FWB has grown to nearly 2,000 members.

Alchemy completed a US$250 million Series C financing with a valuation of US$3.5 billion. Led by a16z, Alchemy aims to build the future of Ethereum infrastructure and help project parties to focus 100% on building their own products. Its Web API provides developers with a fast, reliable, and scalable way to access the Ethereum network, increasing the network speed by 12 times.

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