Linfinity Token(LFT) A Key to the Supply Chain Economic-system

blockcast Linfinity TokenLFT A Key to the Supply Chain Economic system
blockcast Linfinity TokenLFT A Key to the Supply Chain Economic system


Recently, a film called Dying to Survivesprang into fame achieving over 250 million dollars box in 5 days. It tells the story of Cheng Yong, the owner of God’s oil store, who rose from a male health care vendor not being able to afford rent to become the sole agent of the Indian generic drug “Imatinib Tablets”.


The “Imatinib Tablets” with Swiss origin reaches 40,000 yuan for each pack, yet the India-made generic ones are for only 2,000 yuan. Notably, no major distinction in their efficacy. In the face of the huge price difference, there is a helpless struggle about life and salvation, morality and law.


In the film, fake medicine was not only India “Imatinib Tablets”, but also “Scholar Zhang’s homemade counterfeit. The film initiates in-depth contemplation among the public about “fake medicine”–aside from the concern about human feelings, people began to return to reason: in addition to allowing patients to afford genuine medicines, how can we prevent harmful counterfeit drugs from flowing into the market?

It’s not just the health care industry, other supply chains like premium liquor, tobacco, clothing, and even milk powder are also in craving demand of reliable safety solutions. Now Linfinity is endeavoring to use blockchain technology to address such industry pain points.

1、Linfinity:Supply Chain Scenario Application

As a reliable distributed business platform based on Blockchain, Internet of Things, and Big Data technology, Linfinity establishes such a platform with reliable data, transparent information, efficient cooperation and interconnected network to cope with the practical business pain points and development demand of corporate users.

Today, one major problem is that a transparent overview of a supply chain’s network is challenging to achieve, leading to difficulty in ensuring the quality and integrity of raw materials and products along supply chains. The longer and more complex a supply chain is, the greater the chance of friction costs, data costs, lack of accountability, negligence, and even counterfeiting as well as fraud. More generally, today’s global supply chains are slow and inefficient, involving undesirable nontransparency in each process and as a result baffling corporate users at various points in a supply chain.

Linfinity is committed to build a credible and traceable anti-counterfeit supply chain underlying blockchain technology, integrating technology innovation and demand of market to march forward together. In the meanwhile, we will develop more brand-new interest allocation models under the secure and reliable new cooperation models by improving business ecosystems combined with our LFT token, correctly aligning the incentives for all participants involved in the system. As a result, this will benefit all suppliers, manufacturers, and logistics service providers on the upstream and terminal retail channels, promoting transparency, automatic settlement, and overall efficiency of Linfinity’s supply chain ecosystem.

Because of the community character of block chain project, it is easier to form a community with a certain consensus foundation. However, developing community and keeping high activity of community users are no easy tasks, since consensus mechanism and value incentive are required to be brought in for long-term operation.

Members from supply chain cooperate in order to achieve a large number of interrelated business projects, and the supply chain industry itself has a strong consensus. Blockchain technology enables supply chain to have higher transparency and traceability, thus greatly reducing the information difference between upstream and downstream of the supply chain, which can significantly reduce the possibility of evil deeds. Then with the incentive tool, token is used to make supply chain ecosystem develop in a healthy and efficient way. 

In this proposed ecosystem, LFT (Linfinity token) is the core carrier of commercial value circulation in the whole ecosystem.


2、Linfinity Token(LFT) Value Analysis

2.1、LFT distribution structure: No ICO, full dedication to constructing the supply chain commercial ecosystem

Nowadays, a swarm of so-called blockchain projects emerge,and all kinds of money pseudo project titled blockchain can be seen everywhere.Yet thegreat tide washes out the sand and leaves the gold on the shore.projects with applicable solutions will eventually take root and winners must belong to doers.It has been officially announced that Linfinity has not done any ICO and will not be involved in such event in the future. This actually means Linfinity will not issue a large amount of token to the public. According to the LFT ratio breakdown in Linfinity’s whitepaper, a majority of LFT will be placed for the use of community ecosystem construction and business development. Due to the fact that Linfinity was not involved in private sale or ICO, the current means to receive LFT is through community promotion, content creation and open-source technology contribution.

This design comes to existence with a clear aim, that is to say, it takes the development of blockchained supply chain as the direction and token as the value carrier to set up the value system of the emerging economic form, so as to realize the tokenization of the supply chain through integration and development.

According to Linfinity CEO Anndy Lian, the company’s current working capital comes from investment, and the initial capital is enough to support the company’s rapid growth, and he is confident that instead of doing ICO, Linfinity will focus on the supply chain ecosystem strategy. Linfinity should follow a solid development pace, and when LFT go public, it can be freely traded and converted, making the supply chain business system tokenized and better operational. The first problem can therefore be solved.


2.2、Linfinity project progress: Perform steadily, supply chain scenario applications can see accelerated landing

From the actual landing cases of the blockchain, we can find that blockchain technology application is applicable to the environment in which strong centralization or credibility does not exist, and it should integrate the current market and law environment to solve actual problems according to the actual demands. Yet, in big data transactions, there are still many problems and pain points. With authenticity and reliability which are ensured by blockchain characteristics, values can be brought to enterprises in the process of solving these pain points by landing multiple business scenes combined with big data, IoT, and intelligent analysis.

Linfinity has successfully embedded the current Linfinity supply chain tracking/anti- counterfeiting in blockchain 2.0 as well as introducing it to different business entities. In the meantime, the monetization of businesses with the SaaS approach, as well as solidification of the fundamentals for following smart data promotion with the accumulated terminal customers have been achieved. With the current solutions and platforms, Linfinity has already confirmed cooperation intention with various business entities ranging from tobacco, Chinese liquor to pharmaceutical corporations.

By 2018 Q4, Linfinity is to accomplish the strategic objective of the second stage –completion of the current Linfinity TQM and achievement of electronic evidence platform in blockchain. Combined with the source-tracking/anti-counterfeiting platform in operation, the demand of customers’hope of a reliable ToC and improvement of quality management of corporates along with its upstream suppliers can be both satisfied. With Linfin- ity platform resource integration and data-empowering as well as the advantages of blockchain technology, the inter-trusting mechanism between supply chain upstream and downstream can be substantially improved.

After completing the construction of hardware and supply chain customer system, Linfinity will launch Linfinity Intelligent Data Platform to further expand data value for enterprises on the basis of cumulative commercial customers and data, relying on AI and real-time analysis technology. Through the block chain sharing incentive mechanism, the enterprises in the industry are encouraged to share resources under the safe and reliable mechanism, and the application of the business ecosystem is further broadened.

The role of LFT is to realize the transition of value between different standards and transfer between different economic forms. For participants and holders, it is the equity certificate to enjoy Linfinity growth dividend.

2.3、LFT Value Transfer: the value carrier from traditional supply chain to blockchain+supply chain

Token is not only the value transfer carrier in blockchain among traditional economies, but also the essential factor for the normal operation of community in blockchain.

As a token of Linfinity, LFT also carries the function of value transfer. As a simple example, for enterprises on the blockchain, the system architecture and hardware integration based on the block chain is completed. If it has a certain amount of idle computing power at a certain time, it can be “leased” to other units through the cloud. As the community grows and continues to appreciate in the Linfinity network, where this contribution to the community is rewarded, the LFT becomes the product of a measure of value that can flow freely through the community.

Similarly, LFT is also a direct translator for the inherent interests of traditional supply chain enterprises and the transfer pairs in Linfinity economic ecosystem, and has a very rich application scenario. With the rapid landing of the project and ecosystem construction, its value will be more fully released, thus circulation is gradually increased and the corresponding value will increase steadily.

The ultimate value of a outstanding blockchain project will be reflected in its token. Linfinity is advancing the project to application with a solid drive. Both the design of its token mechanism, the maneuverability of the project and the execution of the project side are the scarce targets of the project in the realm of blockchain today, which is suitable for the long-term holding of the growth dividend and community rights.


The way before us is much challenged but also full of chances,we need to forget the achievements accomplished and work hard from now again. For those pioneers who have a solid faith that Linfinity’s supply chain economy and communities will flourish, they will be rewarded. Linfinity’s token, LFT is the key to the supply chain economy.