Looking at Polkadot’s 9 hottest DeFis, who has more potential? Who could be the pit?


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One, Acala

Stablecoin generation platform, liquidity release agreement and DEX trading platform

. Compared with Maker and Kava, which use robots to participate in Acala’s clearing mechanism, it uniquely combines clearing and DEX.

Another key innovation of Acala is the dSWF fund. Most of the income of the Acala network will be injected into the dSWF fund. When the black swan comes, after the DEX is liquidated, the dSWF fund will be used as the risk-bearer.

As we can see above, the clearing mechanism of DEX and stablecoin is combined, and clearing participants can also directly withdraw funds in DEX to improve the efficiency of clearing, which will increase the trading volume of DEX.

In summary, we can see that Acala’s business design is closely intertwined, considering the long-term, and is original. At present, Acala has launched multiple rounds of testnet and is in the audit stage. When the Parachain slot is obtained, it will be able to go online as soon as possible.

Two, Laminar

Laminar and Acala have a close relationship, and many of their team members overlap.

Laminar is a synthetic asset and margin trading platform. Synthetic assets here refer to foreign exchange assets. Users can exchange stable currencies for various anchored foreign exchange assets.

Three, ChainX


In the process of BTC cross-chain, the preservation of assets on the original BTC chain is a very important issue. At present, most of them use the multi-signature method for custody, and ChainX currently uses this model. ChainX believes that this storage model is not decentralized enough, and will solve this problem after the slot is connected to Polkadot’s main network, and it will also achieve full currency cross-chain.

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At the same time, ChainX has opened up new businesses outside the cross-chain and has become a smart contract platform. It wants to become a secondary relay of the Polkadot ecology and attracts applications that do not want to bid for slots alone to develop on the ChainX network.


Four, Darwinia

Darwinia is similar to ChainX, both of which are mainly cross-chain projects. However, Darwinia’s cross-chain direction covers a wider range. It not only includes the cross-chain of assets such as ETH, but also the cross-chain of game assets and non-standard assets. , Application chain and cross-chain business.


Currently Darwinia’s mainnet has been launched, but its mainnet adopts “progressive launch”, which is all launched in 4 stages. Currently, the first stage has been launched on September 26.



Five, Akropolis

The specific business currently has 3 parts, namely development and application, lending and financial management on it


The module in the middle of the picture above is SPATA. Its most resounding publicity slogan is to allow users to make “under-mortgage loans”. Users only need to mortgage 50% of their assets to obtain loans. This is a comparison to the current over-collateralization in DeFi lending. A slogan that is easy to remember.

SPATA imitates the “informal depository model” that is still popular in many places. This model is a typical acquaintance community model. The organization can function normally. There are generally some prerequisites, such as: members in the organization know each other’s detailed information, family situation, work situation, etc.; regular meetings and conversations; new members must join There are introductions and guarantees from old members.

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Akro wants to implement a similar model through the blockchain. Akro’s vision is that users mortgage 50% of their assets, and the other part of the assets is jointly guaranteed by members’ votes. Just like the insurance mechanism of NXM, voting users share risks and enjoy benefits. . But for the judgment of risk, this will be a difficult problem. For online borrowing, even if KYC is used and the social information of the borrowing user is obtained, or the user’s credit information is further obtained, the judgment of the risk is still very difficult. .


Six, Stafi and Bifrost

Seven, Polkaswap


8. Coinversation


The above is a brief introduction to some Polkadot DeFi projects. If you have any thoughts on these projects, please leave a message to discuss.

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