Ludena Protocol to strengthen data security… Microsoft ‘Azer’ Introduction


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[Blockchain Today Reporter Jihye Han] The blockchain game social platform Ludena Protocol Foundation, which recently joined the Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA), is Microsoft’s cloud platform’Azer’ to strengthen the personal information and security of users participating in the game ecosystem. It was announced on the 20th that it was decided to use.

Ludena Protocol plans to apply’Azer’ to mini-games serviced within the platform ecosystem for global users. Azure supports a number of multiplayer games. Through this collaboration, the company will be able to strengthen compliance with the Personal Information Protection Act and the applicable laws and regulations of related software.

Earlier this month, Ludena Protocol released the global version of the foundation’s first DApp, GemTokTalk. Gemtalktalk has 3 million domestic users.

The GemTokTalk DApp version includes various blockchain-based digital asset services such as NFT (Non-Fungible Token) items.

The Ludena Protocol Foundation has decided to apply Microsoft’s Azure, which can comply with the most complex regulations and state-of-the-art security, to strengthen privacy and information security as a top priority. “We plan to introduce a process that regularly inspects and verifies that user information stored in the service operation area satisfies all relevant requirements.”

Meanwhile, Ludena Protocol announced on the 11th that it has joined the Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA). The Blockchain Game Alliance is an organization dedicated to promoting blockchain within the game industry, promoting awareness of blockchain technology and creating a strong community around games.

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