Major Announcement: WealthSecrets token burn incoming

Major Announcement: WealthSecrets token burn incoming


The next WealthSecrets tokens ($WSC) – the 2nd burn – will take place soon.

Following the token allocation that we have published on our website, all operational wallets are locked and vested 10 times for 4 years to ensure the stability of the token price. However, to prove our effort to ensure the benefit of WSC holders/investors, WealthSecrets have so far had one major burn activity and with several milestones coming up, several more burns will follow. Therefore, allowing WealthSecrets to reach its final supply of 7 billion tokens eventually.

The next burn will likely take place at some point between 10th – 20th February 2022. It’s worth keeping an eye on WealthSecrets Twitter account for any announcement of the full timings.   


Milestones to look out for;

🔜 Certik Audit Report

This is the closest milestone to look out for, with audit currently ongoing. After successful conclusion of Certik audit report, WealthSecrets will have a manual burn event. This is the Second audit report being undertaken by the franchise, WealthSecrets has been approved by a renowned audit firm which is “Techrate”, adn the official smart contract audit report has been obtained.

Website upgrade #02

WS.Bettico App launch.

CEx Listing


WealthSecrets will burn WSC tokens as and when our smart contract successfully pass Certik security audit certification and will keep following our roadmap to help ensure holders/investors benefits in the long term. This burn activity will create further scarcity and increase demand for the Gem we call WSC as use cases come into play. The future is bright.

The team appreciates the amazing support of the community, and we will continue to work hard to bring you more and more good news. The future is bright.


About WealthSecrets

Blockchain’s first social betting platform for betpreneurs around the globe. This will give betpreneurs an extra edge in the world of betting. We allow access to different odds slips, sell likely winnable odds, P2P betting and the creation of your bet event with our WSC token. Also, we create an environment conducive to play different exciting NFT and VR games and have access to different profitable investment products by suggestions of the WSC AI. Other products like Mentors World and WSC Metaverse are additional exciting reasons why you should hop onboard this project.


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