Matrixport’s custodial service organization Cactus Custody supports VELO tokens


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Velo Labs and its partners can use Cactus Custody’s secure and reliable institutional digital asset management system and multi-tier storage system to store assets and expand business applications.

Matrixport announced that its hosting service agency Cactus Custody will support VELO tokens. VELO is the certificate of the Velo protocol. The Velo protocol is the next-generation financial protocol that supports the issuance of digital credit and borderless asset conversion through a unique alliance credit exchange network.

The core of the Velo protocol is the VELO token. The VELO token is used as a “bridge asset” in the ecology, enabling Velo Labs’ trusted partners (Trusted Partners) to use blockchain technology to transfer value between each other in an instant and transparent manner. Velo Labs and its partners will bring huge value to users and realize a powerful digital asset exchange market through the Velo agreement, alliance-style credit exchange and other innovative products. Velo Labs’ alliance credit trading network will provide cross-chain liquidity and on-chain/off-chain liquidity and settlement.

With Martrixport and Cactus Custody, Velo Labs and its trusted partners can use secure and reliable institutional digital asset management systems and multi-tier storage systems to store assets and expand their business applications.

Matrixport's custodial service organization Cactus Custody supports VELO tokens

Cactus Custody aims to bring greater security, transparency, and efficiency to the market, while helping its customers grow. Through cooperation with Velo Labs, Matrixport and Cactus Custody will explore more innovative DeFi services and upgrade the infrastructure of the encryption industry.

Velo Labs was founded in 2018, and its core mission is to establish an alliance credit exchange network, enabling partners to safely transfer value between each other with maximum efficiency and transparency. With the support of CP Group and Stellar Network, Velo Labs is currently providing services to partners in the remittance and transfer market in Southeast Asia, connecting digital settlement with real-world settlement through a common interoperable credit and settlement network. Velo Labs’ other investors include UOB Bank, Uni-President (Taiwan), HashKey Capital, Hopeshine Ventures, Signum Capital, Ausvic Capital, Du Capital, and Everest Ventures Group.

Cactus Custody originally originated from the exclusive custody system created by Bitmain in 2017-Matrixport launched an upgraded third-party digital asset custody service solution Cactus Custody, bringing safer, transparent and efficient asset protection and enterprise-level financial management systems to the industry . Cactus Custody is a qualified custodian service provider and a Hong Kong trust company that meets regulatory fund reserve requirements and complies with regulatory and anti-money laundering (AML) regulations. Cactus Custody provides custody services for some of the world’s well-known mines, mining pools, cloud mining platforms, exchanges, funds, and over-the-counter traders, etc., to help client companies develop and grow safely.

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