Medium, ‘Payment market’ debouchment… Acquisition of shares of The 9 Company

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[Blockchain Today Reporter Ji-Hye Han] Blockchain specialized company Medium announced on the 26th that it has acquired a stake in The9 Company, a company specializing in unmanned payment kiosks on the 20th to advance into the digital payment business.

Medium announced the expansion of the personal service of the blockchain platform through the recent acquisition of the Cockplay platform by Medium Ltd. HK, and is rapidly expanding its business to enter the payment service area. Medium explained about this investment that’the advancement of payment services that can use various digital assets online and offline will be materialized through the system of a specialized company that has secured the base of the existing offline area.’

Established in 2019, The 9 Company is a specialized company with the largest infrastructure in Korea in areas such as movie theaters and fast food.In 2010, it introduced the unmanned payment kiosk for movie theaters CGV, a global kiosk system specialist leading the overseas kiosk market in China and Vietnam All.

Medium announced that it is currently aiming to enter kiosks in 1,000 affiliated stores in the food and beverage industry, such as restaurants and cafes in the Gangnam area, and plans to expand its business nationwide in the future.

The official name of the payment service is MD Pay (Medium Digital Payment), and customers can pay for goods and services through cryptocurrency at the kiosk of the affiliated store. In particular, the’KOK Token’ of the Cockplay platform, which was recently acquired for the platform business, is first applied to the payment method. The MDpay service will be provided through Medium’s blockchain platform, and will be provided with store kiosks and online services.

Medium said, “With the launch of the MDPay service business, we plan to secure a place where various digital assets can be used when running various DAPPs on the Medium platform. We will do our best to build an optimal token economy so that you can freely use blockchain services without worrying about costs.”