Metaverse Is Behind the Times, Look Towards Augmented Reality.

Metaverse Is Behind the Times, Look Towards Augmented Reality.

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When everyone has been fascinated in Virtual Reality, there has been a sleeping giant growing in the background. Metaverse is very much 3 dimensional thinking when it comes to the future of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Instead people need to take a look further afield and realize what technology is coming in the near future. Instead the blockchain needs to do a lateral movement over to Augmented Reality.

You have Elon Musk tweeting recently about Neural Link, that Virtual Reality headsets lead to motion sickness which myself personally I myself have experienced. The technology, once hooked to computers has moved forward, but it’s not in the proper place to truly move forward for people to adopt it. Think now back to just a couple of years ago with Augmented Reality and Pokemon on your phone. A craze that swept the nation quickly with people traveling, playing on their phones.

Imagine instead a set of glasses that can do everything that your phone can do, like Iron Man and the famous J.A.R.V.I.S, a system that helped him around in his day to day tasks.

If we had the same technology in glasses what would we be looking at when it comes to Augmented Reality. A speaker system built into your eye glasses for crystal clear sound quality.

Lenses that could instantly pass information over to you to have at your fingertips.

You wouldn’t have to worry any more about your daily plan, it would be within your reach constantly, you would have the ability to see your best possible route to work, or wherever you were going. The information passed down such as traffic congestion, road construction and so much more. Your daily news could be streamed to your glasses, as your car drives you down the roadway. All of this will become a reality and so much more in the future.

When it comes to the metaverse you potentially need to see Augmented reality as a lateral movement as I mentioned earlier. When it comes to NFTs can you imagine putting on the newest and greatest sneaker collaboration, an Augmented Reality art piece that would be wearable tech to anyone looking on with the proper glasses. Your whole suit that you wear in the metaverse could be worn in a real world situation.  Out at the nightclub, or mall with your friends.

Advertisements for cryptocurrency and billboard space would be handed out via the blockchain in real world places, such as the Time Square, or outside arenas or historic sights. Instead of looking for your interpreter, you could switch audio to a virtual tour guide who would be able to tell you any pertinent information that you might need. In another country you don’t understand the language, not an issue with augmented glasses translating the language of the people in front of you.

This wearable tech could revolutionize every aspect of the world, from doctors being able to instantly pull up information on their client. No waiting for tedious paperwork, or files to look through. Paramedics or emergency workers being able to pull up information on the people they are working on. How about even the police knowing what situation they were walking into, or being able to read the situation better with movement traits and reactions popping instantaneously up on the glasses to allow them to know what’s going on.

You’re walking through a grocery store and just aren’t quite sure about the price. You scan it with your glasses to have a price comparison instantly pop up to allow you to know where the best place to purchase is. Daily sales specials popping up on the lenses to let you know what the best sales are for the particular day you are in the store. The list of goods you need as well instantly being able to be pulled up for you to check over and make sure to grab. Your fridge relaying information that your milk is ¾ empty.

You could be playing games in the park in Augmented reality, or walking down the street to your next destination as your killing time. Other gamers would be able to interact with you with others around you not knowing what is going on as you’re playing against each other. I couldn’t imagine the interaction that might happen that you might have missed out on before by just not knowing about others or your surroundings.

These are all things to look forward to with the amalgamation of Metaverse, Blockchain and Augmented Reality.



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