“Miracle (MQL) and Miracle City are different companies”… Investors need to beware of ‘confusing investment’


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[Blockchain Today Correspondent Han Ji-hye] As the cryptocurrency industry develops and expands, the number of cryptocurrency-related companies also surged. Among them, there is an opinion that investors should be careful about investment mistakes caused by similar company names.

Examples include the Miracle (MQL) project and the Miracle City (MAC).

The Miracle (MQL) project allows global music fans to directly participate in various music contents in the entertainment industry to receive points and to enjoy and share planning, production, distribution and consumption in one stop through the fan base producing platform FanPick. have.

In addition, it aims to implement a reliable service that is transparent and safe for everything by grafting technology + entertainment block chain technology.

On the other hand, Miracle City is a company that operates Miracle Angel (MAC) and is known to promote the commercialization of ATM subway stations in Miracle City.

An expert in this regard advised, “It is necessary to be careful, such as checking the ‘ticker’ that indicates the specific code of the coin, so as not to confuse the company name and make a mistake of investing in a place you do not want.

Meanwhile, as El Salvador designated Bitcoin as the world’s first fiat currency last year, Strike, which promoted a fiat currency plan with El Salvador, also caused investors’ investment mistakes due to the platform of the same name.

Strike’s ticker listed on Upbit, a domestic cryptocurrency exchange, is STRK, which is a different project with the same name as Strike, which helps the El Salvador government. However, as investors were confused by the same project name, the STRK price at that time nearly doubled and then plummeted.

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