Molian Technology MBaaS is online, which will support industrial applications such as copyright deposits


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Author | Chang Tao

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On October 11, 2020, the MBaaS (Blockchain as a Service) beta system developed by MoChain Technology was officially launched.

With the rapid global development of emerging technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and the Internet of Things, blockchain technology with distributed ledgers, smart contracts and network consensus as the core will reconstruct data relationships and establish new ways of trust and business The model brings important opportunities and challenges to the global Internet and technology industries.

“With the gradual integration and development of blockchain technology and emerging technologies, combined with future DC/EP and other compliant payment methods, the network is accelerating the evolution from the Internet of Information to the Internet of Value, which will generate in smart cities, smart government, smart finance, etc. A large number of industrial opportunities.” said Zhou Xinjian, a senior researcher of MoChain Technology, MBaaS platform is a basic technology service platform for blockchain, providing blockchain network one-click deployment, node management, certificate management, member access management, and smart contract decentralized management , Blockchain browser, operation log, visual monitoring and other basic services. Visualize the entire process, lower the threshold of blockchain application, and improve the efficiency of operation and maintenance and development. It can provide blockchain services, operation and maintenance services, monitoring services, visualization services, management fees, SDK intervention services, etc. It has the characteristics of modularization, expandability, high security, manageability and control, easy operation and maintenance.

After the completion of the underlying architecture, Molian Technology immediately launched the development and deployment of MBaaS-based application scenarios. The industrial applications it supports include “copyright deposit system”, “distributed accounting credit scoring system” and so on.

Among them, the “copyright deposit certificate system” will build a decentralized media content sharing community driven by blockchain technology, provide original on-chain copyright deposit certificates for media content creators, and achieve effective maintenance of the intellectual property rights of original content creators. Use the point incentive mechanism to bring benefits to content creators.

It is understood that in addition to MBaaS and corresponding applications, the “blockchain industry anti-money laundering chain tracking system” developed by Molian Technology is expected to be launched in Q4 this year.

“The experts of the MoChain technology team have studied the networks that may cover up illegal transactions, including the dark web, and deployed a visual user interface for the on-chain tracking system, which can support 100-layer fund and address tracing, and established an address relationship map. It is convenient for G-side users to accurately track the transaction path of illegal activities at a glance. In addition, the chain tracking system maintains a huge address library, which contains tens of millions of tags and tens of thousands of blacklisted addresses. These address libraries will be based on Advanced algorithms such as big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence are automatically updated and expanded to help regulators more effectively detect malicious accounts, and can even detect dark web transactions in many complex transactions.” said Amos, a senior researcher at MoChain Technology, “area The anti-money laundering chain tracking system for the block chain industry has independent intellectual property rights, which can realize the active tracking and monitoring of the flow of assets on the chain, and has the function of correlation analysis of on-chain transaction events. It is aimed at suspicious or malicious, dark web, and currency mixing services. Risky assets, to achieve active tracking, will be docked with relevant regulatory authorities in the future to provide assistance to relevant regulatory authorities in anti-money laundering.

“MBaaS can conveniently provide technical support for industrial blockchain applications. Applications created through MBaaS can be quickly opened up at the technical level and facilitate the formation of network effects. In addition, MoChain Technology has launched a MoChain public chain plan, which will be based on financial Business needs set technical goals and meet regulatory needs. At present, they have reached strategic cooperation with corresponding university academic leaders and financial application projects.” said the relevant person in charge of Molian Technology.

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