Monetise your project with personal tokens


Start-up MintMe allows users to create blockchain tokens that can be used to crowdfund projects

Spotted: Are you a content creator wondering how to monetise your work? Crypto-trading start-up MintMe has just made it easier. The company allows almost anyone to monetise their business by creating a free unique token for themselves. Users can then use their token as a digital asset and exchange it for other cryptocurrencies within the company’s platform.

MintMe is especially useful for content creators, such as bloggers and YouTubers, who can ask fans to support them by investing in their personal tokens. As the creator becomes more popular, the tokens will rise in value, enabling investors to trade and sell their tokens at a profit.

Founder Mathias Odia told Springwise that the idea for MintMe came from, “the desire to revolutionize how people help each other”. He added that “Webchain is not common amongst crowdfunding platforms. It’s focusing on a merger between social media and crowdfunding over blockchain technology.”

MintMe is currently in BETA phase. The company is also working on additional features, including smart contracts on the blockchain and better communication between token creators and supporters.

2nd September 2019



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