MQL (MiraQle) Token, Listed on GOPAX Virtual Asset Exchange Korean Market


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The global entertainment token MQL has announced that it has been listed on GOPAX virtual asset exchange in KRW.


With the motto of “Make fans the center of this global music world,” MQL (MiraQle) token project is a Techtainment(Technology + Entertainment) platform which the global music industry is grafted with blockchain technology.


Global music fans can use MQL (MiraQle) tokens to participate in music album productions through FanPICK and produce collaboration albums with China’s largest scale industry Tencent Music Entertainment (TME). Along with this, fans can also purchase goods such as music albums, concert tickets, in EnterPLUS online store at a discounted price and even participate in crowdfunding.

Various services in different fields will be provided through MQL (MiraQle) token with the foundation of the overall global music industry ecosystem which will change and improve the one-way industry-centered structure to interactive fan-centered structure. MQL’s resolution is to present a proper fan voting system in a transparent environment with blockchain technology and is becoming the main agent by creating a music industry innovation and changing the paradigm.


MQL (MiraQle) project said, “With MQL listed on GoPax, we set our goal to make this blockchain based global music platform into world’s greatest project,” and emphasized, “We will expand our business centered synergistic global partnerships and secure MiraQle project’s future competitive power.”


Meanwhile, with MQL token listed on GoPAX on November 26, the virtual asset exchange GoPAX is currently running various events of such as supplying approximately 455 MQL (equivalent to $91,196) and more detailed information can be found on the official website.

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