Music, Art, and NFTs with DJ Justin Blau aka 3LAU


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Justin Blau, aka 3LAU, is a world-renowned DJ, best known for his chart topping hits and unique DJ style. Starting small at college fraternity parties, 3LAU quickly rose to fame, performing at sold out shows around the world. What few know is that Justin is a talented trader and early crypto adopter. Justin and his team are beginning to explore the ways that artists can distribute their work in a decentralized and scarce manner using NFTs. 3LAU is transforming traditional art, looking to give super fans a one-of-a-kind experience, while also raising money for charities along the way.

Scott Melker and Justin Blau further discuss their similar backgrounds in music, performing and crypto, mixing finance and blockchain into the world of art, learning about Bitcoin from the Winkelvoss twins, NFTs, Kanye West tweets, what blue checkmarks, Yeezys, and Jordans all have in common, who is Blockparty, predatory record labels, mining for gold on asteroids, a shaky dollar, having strong opinions loosely held, the impact of COVID on performers, building schools in Guatemala and more.