MXC Matcha M-Day 14th project ECELL (CellETF) winning strategy


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The 14th project ECELL (CellETF) of MXC Matcha M-Day will be registered on September 22 from 9:00-17:00. During the lottery registration period, users can register for participation at any time.

In this M-Day, a total of 629,000 ECELLs were released, and the winning users can get it at a discounted price of 0.028 USDT. Knock the blackboard): According to the gradient of the winning lottery, the more USDT holdings or mainstream currency trading volume, the more advantageous the winning lottery.

1. Where can I participate?

There are two entry points. Log in to the homepage of MXC Matcha on the web, and find “Events” in the navigation bar. After clicking, you can see the current M-Day lottery session, and select the eligible session for the “lottery registration”.

Click “M-Day” in the middle of the homepage of the APP, select “USDT Special” or “Mainstream Currency Trading Volume” Special, and then click “Register Now” to participate.


Note: Lottery registration can only be done from 9:00 to 17:00 on the same day.

The result of the lottery will be announced at 19:00 on September 22. You can check the number of lotteries in the announcement on the MXC Matcha M-Day page to see if you have won the lottery.


Half an hour after the announcement of the lottery result, that is, at 19:30 on September 22, the system will automatically deduct USDT from the winning lottery account at the corresponding price.

Therefore, the winner must hold a sufficient amount of USDT in his account before the exchange settlement starts, otherwise, once the deduction fails, the chance of winning the lottery will be wasted.

The amount of USDT that the winning user needs to deduct for purchasing ECELL = the winning number * 850 ECELL * 0.028USDT

2. The basic conditions for participating in this M-Day lottery

There are 2 ways to participate in this M-Day lottery to obtain ECELL quota:

Method 1: You can participate in the ECELL lottery when you meet the minimum position of 5000 USDT during the lottery.


Method 2: From 14:00 on September 19th to 17:00 on September 22nd, you can participate in the ECELL lottery if you meet the corresponding mainstream currency transaction volume.



From 12:00 on September 21st to 12:00 on September 22nd, participate in the lottery through the USDT holdings session or the mainstream currency trading session. Holders of MX can also get different levels of bonus tickets.

Through the above participation methods, you can get ECELL tokens at a discounted price of 0.028 USDT. At the same time, users who participate in the event through Method 1 and Method 2 but have not won the lottery can share the Sunshine Reward based on the proportion of the number of tickets that have not won. From 18:00 on September 19th to 24:00 on September 21st, participate in the UNI ETF trading competition and the UNIUSDT contract trading competition, and you can also share 35,000 ECELL airdrops.

MXC matcha major customers and community nodes can enjoy the current M-Day privilege limit.

According to data, eCell is the basic token of CellETF, the core project of Consensus Cell Network. CellETF is a decentralized finance (DeFi) comprehensive application platform dedicated to providing global investors with the most professional decentralized digital currency ETF trading services.

CellETF will integrate smart contract frameworks such as first-level redemption, lightning exchange (DEX), mortgage lending, and pledge mining. As a decentralized exchange on Ethereum, eCell is the basic governance token and core functional token of the platform. It will aggregate ETF clearing, automatic market making, liquidity pool, liquidity mining, and cross-chain prices for smart contracts. Decentralized agreements such as factual oracles provide users with diversified derivatives (leveraged ETFs, index ETFs) and strategic choices.

The specific process of drawing lots:

1. Eligibility for lottery: The lottery will be based on USDT holdings at the time of the lottery and the trading volume of mainstream currencies from 14:00 on September 19th to 17:00 on September 22nd (UTC+8). Have the qualification for the corresponding lottery draw.

2. Lottery registration time: September 22nd 9:00-September 22nd 17:00 (UTC+8) (Please note: this time the lottery uses one person with multiple lots, that is, click on the lottery, and you will be awarded according to the order of the lottery. Consecutive lottery numbers, lottery numbers are 00001~99999, and the system will allocate them according to the order of registration time)

3. Announce the winning number: After the draw, MXC will announce the winning number at 19:00 on September 22, and the user will enter the M-Day page after logging in to display whether the winning has been won or not.

4. Asset calculation time: At 19:30 on September 22, the system will automatically deduct USDT for the winning user at the corresponding price. Since this exchange needs to be done with USDT, the user needs to hold a sufficient amount during the exchange settlement period USDT. If within the exchange settlement time, the available balance of USDT in the user’s account (non-holding conditions such as pending orders) does not meet the minimum exchange requirements, the user will be deemed to have voluntarily given up the qualification to participate in this event.

The amount of USDT that the winning user needs to deduct for purchasing ECELL = the winning number * 850 ECELL * 0.028USDT

5. Lottery method: the user draws lots by himself and wins the lot randomly. After the lottery is won, the system will automatically complete the asset exchange for you. Click the “drawing” button to be deemed to agree to the asset exchange.

6. Sunshine rewards: Users who have obtained the share of Sunshine must ensure that the available USDT asset balance is greater than 100 USDT, otherwise they will be deemed to automatically give up the Sunshine reward.