‘NFT BUSAN 2021’ successfully completed with favorable reviews… 10,000 online and offline participants


[Blockchain Today Reporter Jang Myung-gwan] The Busan Blockchain Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as the Association) held the NFT BUSAN 2021 event hosted by Busan Metropolitan City and co-hosted by the Association and BEXCO from the 4th to the 6th to revitalize the blockchain industry ecosystem. said on the 9th.

The event, which was held under the theme of ‘the NFT Port of Asia’, was a meaningful place for domestic and foreign blockchain officials to exchange information, and for companies and academics to present the current state and trends of the NFT-related market, and to experience citizens’ experiences.

This event was planned as an online and offline event so that everyone can enjoy it without borders, and a total of 10,000 visitors including 8,000 offline and 1,500 simultaneous online users participated. 25 programs and 27 domestic and foreign industry experts participated in the offline session, and 13 programs and 36 domestic and foreign industry experts participated in the online session, providing a forum for public discussion about the future changing to blockchain.

NFT-related events held at home and abroad have been operated as exhibition booths centered on art and paintings, but this event is the first in Korea to integrate and operate B2B and B2C, and not only exhibitions of large-scale companies and startups that are conducting NFT-related businesses. It consists of various programs to raise public awareness, such as conferences, special exhibitions by NFT writers and real objects, 1:1 meetups, experience zones, and NFT auctions.

◇Startup IR that led to mutual growth between investment companies and startups

The Startup IR, designed to lay a foothold for corporate growth with the goal of supporting startup companies, participated as nine judges, including Mirae Asset Senior Manager Yongjae Lee and Shinhan Bank Cell Chief Yoon Ha-ri. A pitching contest was held, △ Grand Prize Play V CEO Hong Seong-in △ Excellence Award CEO Kwon Jun-ho Co., Ltd. △ Excellence Award NFT:New For Trade CEO Jeong Kyung-yeol, Station Block CEO Seo Dong-won △ Encouragement Award Korea NFT Accreditation Institute CEO Kim Seung-il, etc. 2 million was awarded.

In particular, Samsung Next participated in a 1:1 meetup to attract investment between investors and startups, arranging direct meetings with interested companies, and a total of 20 meetups with other VCs were held.

◇NFT auction proceeds are donated and supported

In the NFT auction held over two days, 24 pieces were submitted, Hunminjeongeum Hyeryebon 100 million won, Jibji’s ideal and reality 41 million won, Song Moon-sang’s Midsummer Night’s Dream 30 million won, Yoon Song-ah’s camel (Night) 100 million won, Yoon Song-ah’s camel (Daytime) The bid was 100% successful, including 20 million won (daytime), 32 million won in GBBG in World by Gibbigi, and 25 million won in the 2018 Russia World national team jersey. Participating companies will donate 3~5% of the auction winning bid to the Busan NFT Development Fund. NFT Busan 2021 Official NFT Key to busan sponsor donation is a total of 300 million won with the participation of Tron, etc., and the entire amount is donated for the development of the Busan blockchain industry. Through this donation, we plan to strengthen the public interest of the association’s projects, fulfill social responsibilities, and contribute to the creation of the Busan blockchain industry ecosystem and technological development.

Park Hyung-jun, Mayor of Busan Metropolitan City, said, “Blockchain technology, which was represented by virtual currency, is shifting its central axis to non-replaceable NFT, and technology that gives scarcity and value by storing digital information in a non-replicable form is expected to spread much wider and faster “As can be seen from the Hunminjeongeum Haeryebon NFT sales news, the scope of use is endless, from the auction market for cultural assets and art works to the sale of limited edition bags in the metaverse, so related companies including the Busan Blockchain Industry Association are more motivated to play. He explained that he would expand the blockchain playground so that


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