No DAPP is required, and smart contracts can be interacted with through the Etherscan browser!


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Written | SHIER

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Let me share with you today: there is no need to rely on any DAPP, and you can directly interact with Ethereum smart contracts through Etherscan.

Material preparation: KeXue Internet software, MeteMask plug-in

The first step: Go to [KeXue Internet] first. When the Google search is available, it means that it is successful.

Step 2: Open the target contract address to be interacted on in the Etherscan block explorer. Here we take the NEST 3.0 version of QP Token into the contract as an example, and perform the [Retrieve] QP Token operation.

Target contract address:

Step 3: Click [Contract], click [Write Contract], click [Connect to Web3] to connect to the wallet plug-in. We are using the MetaMask wallet plug-in here.

无需 DAPP,通过 Etherscan 浏览器也能与智能合约进行交互!

Step 4: Pull down to find the target method. Here is the [takeOut] method

无需 DAPP,通过 Etherscan 浏览器也能与智能合约进行交互!

Step 5: Interact with the target contract.

无需 DAPP,通过 Etherscan 浏览器也能与智能合约进行交互!

1) The first column is to enter the number of QP Tokens to be withdrawn. Here we take 100 as an example, that is: 100 behind + 18 0s, that is: 100 + 000000000000000000, input: 100000000000000000000

If you want to take out 10,000 pieces, you have to enter: 10000000000000000000000

2) In the second column, enter the token contract of the QP Token to be withdrawn. Here we take out the NEST Token. The address of the NEST Token token contract is: 0x04abeda201850ac0124161f037efd70c74ddc74c

If you want to get back NYFI, its token contract is: 0x075190c6130ea0a3a7e40802f1d77f4ea8f38fe2

If you want to get back NHBTC, its token contract is: 0x1f832091faf289ed4f50fe7418cfbd2611225d46

3) Then click the [Write] button to initiate a contract interaction transaction; click [View your transaction] to view the package status of the transaction, and wait for the package to succeed.

无需 DAPP,通过 Etherscan 浏览器也能与智能合约进行交互!

In this way, we don’t need to use any DAPP, don’t need to import the wallet into any unfamiliar software, we can interact with the smart contract directly through the Etherscan block explorer to complete the transaction operations we need.