OKEx Investment Research | Bitcoin’s bullish pattern continues, but don’t blindly chase the rise if it rises


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BTC/USDT perpetual contract

Nature of each level: daily line-up, 4 hours-up, 1 hour-consolidation

The screenshot is from OKEX BTC/USDT perpetual combined 4-hour chart: For the market from two perspectives, one perspective is the objective trend state and the response strategy based on the objective trend, and the other perspective is subjective prediction based on experience. Actual trading is mainly based on coping strategies under objective trends. Subjective prediction is more of a foresight or entertainment for future development . It cannot be used directly as a trading strategy. The main purpose is to prepare for potential risks and opportunities early. .

Current objective trends and countermeasures : The currency price has not fluctuated significantly since last night, and the overall situation is relatively bullish in a narrow consolidation pattern, building new short-term support in the 15150 line.

Judging from the current trend structure, the focus of attention should still be placed on the short-to-long-term long-short line of -14650. As long as the price is not broken, the main multi-line thinking can be maintained. However, it should be noted that although the upward trend remains intact, after all, the recent absolute increase has been very large. Since the beginning of September, the maximum increase has been close to 60%, and there has been no obvious correction. The market is bound to be full of profits Therefore, the original long position in the hand can continue to be held, but at this stage it is not suitable to continue to increase the position to catch up.

Although the figure shows that the kinetic energy indicator MACD is about to form a golden cross again, there is further bullish expectations, but once a new high is made again, it is very easy to form a top divergence structure, which will cause the currency price to rise and fall, so if you use this signal as a buy The basis must be strictly controlled positions and stop losses, and do not have excessive expectations of upside.

Subjective expectations (for entertainment only): The currency price is expected to continue its rebound in the short-term. It will fluctuate upward to test the resistance of 15800, or make a new high. However, after the new high, there is a high probability that it will rise and fall. In short, it is difficult to effectively break the consolidation pattern in the short term. This paragraph is not used as a reference for trading strategies.

Resistance and support

Resistance: 15800-16200-16500

Support: 15160-14650-14350

ETH/USDT perpetual contract

OKEx投研 | 比特币多头格局延续,但若冲高切勿盲目追涨 Nature of each level: daily line-consolidation (too many patterns), 4 hours-up, 1 hour-consolidation

The screenshot is from the 1-hour chart of OKEX ETH/USDT perpetual contract: ETH gradually stopped falling and stabilized after pulling back close to the support of 435 last night, and there was a pulse-pulling big Yang line this morning, but then it stalled and fell back. Has fallen back below the 460 resistance again.

In terms of the trend structure, a false breakthrough has been formed against the 460 resistance. At the same time, from the performance of the kinetic energy indicator MACD, there is also a phenomenon of divergence, so the currency price will probably have a callback trend in the short term. For short-term investors, you can consider leaving long positions temporarily, and mid-to-long-term investors should lighten up their positions. You can consider re-testing the 435 first-line support when the currency price shows signs of stopping the decline before covering the sell position.

Subjective expectations (for entertainment only) predict that the short-term trend will be adjusted again, and it is expected to stop falling and rebound after it approaches the support level of 435 again. The probability of ending the high consolidation pattern in the short term is unlikely. This paragraph is not used as a reference for trading strategies.

Resistance and support

Resistance: 460–470–482

Support: 449–435–426

Defi concept-LINK

OKEx投研 | 比特币多头格局延续,但若冲高切勿盲目追涨 Nature of each level: daily line-consolidation, 4 hours-consolidation (overweight pattern), 1 hour-consolidation (overweight pattern)

The screenshot is from OKEX LINK/USDT 4-hour chart: Current objective trends and countermeasures : LINK is still under pressure near 13. Although there has been no significant drop, there are frequent upper shadows, and the probability of callbacks has greatly increased.

Next, focus on the 11.6 first-line support level. This price is of great significance to the continuation of this round of rise. As long as the callback does not break this price, there will be obvious signs of stopping the decline. That is still mainly buying, and it is expected to create a new rebound high. If the price falls below this level, the rebound in this round will probably come to an end, and then the operating thinking will need to be changed to the main idea of ​​shorting every rebound and buying at the support level as an auxiliary.

Subjective expectations (for entertainment only): It is estimated that the short-term trend may usher in an adjustment, and it is expected to stop falling and rebound around 12, and then continue to fluctuate mainly in the 12-13 range. This paragraph is not used as a reference for trading strategies.

Resistance and support

Resistance: 13.00-13.50-13.80

Support: 12.40–12.00–11.60


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