OKEx, Swarm Digital Asset ‘BZZ’ Listed on USDT Market


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[Blockchain Today Reporter Jeong Seung-won] The OKEx global exchange announced on the 22nd that it will list Swarm’s native digital asset BZZ, Vitalik Buterin’s ambitious work for ETH2.0, on the USDT market.

Swarm is a peer-to-peer network node system that creates decentralized storage and communication services. This system is a built-in incentive system that runs through smart contracts on the Ethereum Ethereum blockchain and is powered by BZZ tokens, and has economical and independent features.

The deposit start date of BZZ is from 00:15 on June 22, and spot trading starts when the deposit amount condition is reached. The limit for trading within 1 hour of opening is $5,000, after 1 hour is increased to $10,000.

Inquiries about BZZ listing can be made through OKEx Telegram or customer center.

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