On the Davos Forum agenda ‘Reset of digital currency’ Adoption of cryptocurrency theme


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[Blockchain Today Reporter Park Yohan] At the World Economic Forum’s Davos Forum, cryptocurrency was adopted on the agenda under the title of’Reset of Digital Currency’.

This week’s Davos Forum adopted cryptocurrency as an agenda in two sessions. It can be seen as a result of acknowledging cryptocurrency even in the mainstream field.

The session titled’Reset of Digital Currency’ will be held on the 25th and 28th local time. In the first session, five key figures, including the governor of the Central Bank of England, Andrew Bailyey, and the CEO of Western Union, Hikmet Ersekt, will participate as speakers.

On the 28th, four people, including Singaporean Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam, and Zhu Min, a resident of the National Institute of Financial Research in Beijing, will participate as speakers.

The speech is likely to include that COVID-19 has accelerated the long-term movement of cash, while central bank digital currencies have emerged and could potentially change the way money is used. In addition, information on what policies, activities, and alliances are needed now can be included with the advent of digital currency.

The Davos Forum is an event where the world’s major financial and government personnel participate. The cryptocurrency agenda was included in the’fairer economy’ topic. Other topics include’technology for good’,’how to protect the planet’, and’healthy future’.

Davos Forum is an organization headquartered in Geneva and has created a research group specializing in cryptocurrency. The forum has worked hard to understand blockchain technology and cryptocurrency so far, focusing on various cases of digital assets that exceeded price and speculation last month.

The Davos Forum saw blockchain as an important driver in sustainable digital finance. He argued that blockchain and smart contracts could reveal the hidden value of digital systems.

Central bank digital currency (CBDC) is also an area of ​​research at the Davos Forum in the last 18 months. In January 2020, the group also announced that it had developed a structure that would help banks evaluate, design, and potentially adopt CBDCs. It is known that this structure was developed in cooperation with 40 central banks, financial institutions, and academic institutions.

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