Once in a hundred years: Amber Stool: I can understand people playing altcoins


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Original title: Amber stool once in a hundred years

Bitcoin is more than 15,000 dollars, and it is close to 20,000 dollars before the previous round. The magic is that on March 12 six months ago, it reached more than 3,000 dollars. At that time, I thought that Amber was finished and the bull market would never Here comes, all the efforts made in the past three years have been in vain, and now, Bitcoin is about to break new highs soon. Global asset releases, turmoil in various countries, and technology and financial companies seeking to preserve their assets, Bitcoin is undoubtedly the general trend of this era. The arrival of the new high point will not be too long, as short as a few weeks, and as long as a few months.

Bitcoin represents the vested interests who have obtained wealth accumulation through Bitcoin in the past 7 years. And the people who gained huge wealth through altcoins in the last bull market, they were very smart, and they all switched to Bitcoin in the end, and then they barely touched altcoins. Some people even shuffle the history of playing altcoins in the past and become pseudo-bitcoin maximalists, but when the time comes to make money, they still obediently engage in altcoins to earn a vote.

I understand them, when a person accumulates wealth, he will tend to seek stability. Just hold Bitcoin, there is no need to play altcoins. No one can escape this law. If you think you will not, suppose that one day after your wealth is free, you will be really fragrant.

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This is the era of cryptocurrency belonging to Bitcoin, and this is also the era of cryptocurrency belonging to altcoins. You have to admit that 99.9% of all Amber’s industrial chains, communities, media, institutions, exchanges, and project parties are around the theme of altcoins. Whether you look down on altcoins or not, and whether you have a prejudice against them, altcoins really exist.

The fragmentation of amber has been around for a long time, but now it is getting worse. People who play Bitcoin don’t understand why some people play altcoins because they are too poor. People who play altcoins don’t understand why some people only play Bitcoin because they are too rich. Never expect people in this circle to understand each other.

I am by no means the altcoin maximalist. I will still hold Bitcoin when I should hold Bitcoin. I will always maintain an agnostic attitude, stay curious and fresh about all new things in Amber, and strive to achieve relative justice and objective. It’s just that I want to say that everyone should still clearly recognize the deepest desires in their hearts.

Those who want to preserve the value of their assets, and those who have no desire for the so-called rich and rich, just hold Bitcoin. Not everyone has a strong desire to get rich. Small funds want to turn over, want to accumulate the first pot of gold, want to obtain wealth freedom, then you must not escape altcoins. Whether you end up with bankruptcy due to altcoins, or because of altcoins getting rich. However, according to my experience, the former are mostly bankrupt. In three years in the industry, I have experienced too many cases of falling into the abyss because of altcoins.

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Many people say that Bitcoin is about to break new highs and the bull market is coming. This is a once-in-a-century change in Amber. In fact, it is very exaggerated, because so far, Amber has only a short life of less than 8 years. However, once in a century sounds much better.

But to me, it’s actually an amber stool once in a hundred years. It is the altcoin that many people look down on, Shitcoin, shit coin, and poop coin. I desperately need to use altcoins to overtake a corner.

If you want to work hard now, this circle will not give you too much time, at most two years. Within two years, Amber will complete a further reshuffle, de-retailization, beautification, financialization, and class consolidation, and become another financial world parallel to traditional finance. At that time, it was useless to just try to stand up. And now, you should feel fortunate that for Amber’s amateurs and disadvantaged groups, effort is still relatively proportional to the money earned.

At most two years, working hard and playing hard, there are still some opportunities. Understand your inner core demands, and then do what you should do, nothing more.

The amber stool that has happened once in a hundred years, I really look forward to it anyway.