OpusM, Blockchain-based ‘Integrated Medical Narcotics Management’ Build a platform


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[Blockchain Today Correspondent Han Ji-hye] Blockchain solution company OpusM (CEO Lee Jin-seok), together with Seoul Boramae Hospital (Director Jeong Seung-yong) and BDGen Co. announced on the 18th.

This project is carried out through the ‘2021 blockchain pilot project’ promoted by the Ministry of Science and ICT and the Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA). done.

Through this project, Boramae Hospital will be able to more reliably manage the entire process from warehousing to disposal of medical narcotics handled in the hospital, and secure accurate and transparent aggregate data.

In addition, Seoul Metropolitan Government will expand the system to affiliated medical institutions, starting with Boramae Hospital, to monitor the medical narcotic treatment process and statistical data of medical institutions in Seoul in real time, and to advance the prevention and follow-up management system for narcotic abuse through data analysis. can

(Image = Opus M)
(Image = Opus M)

Furthermore, the scope of medical narcotics management can be further expanded by linking with the National Narcotics Management System (NIMS) of the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety and EMR of each hospital level.

Director Jeong Seung-yong of Boramae Hospital said, “Efforts to prevent accidents related to medical narcotics handled by medical institutions have been strengthened, but compared to the effect, the additional work of frontline medical staff and the psychological burden of the intensity of regulation were excessive. Through this project, we expect to significantly reduce the burden on hospitals and medical staff by reinforcing the reliability of managed and reported information, and further increase social trust in the management of medical narcotics.”

OpsM CEO Lee Jin-seok said, “We design the data structure based on HL7 FHIR, an international standard for medical data, and EDI code of the Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service, and store the data efficiently and stably without building a separate database through LedgerMaster, our solution. “It will be a good example of blockchain technology playing a practical role in the medical field.”

On the other hand, OpsM is a company that provides middleware solutions that enable stable and efficient use of blockchain technology in commercial enterprise environments.

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