Park Young-sun’s ‘An objection to closing the virtual asset exchange’ NFT sold for 3 million won

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Park Young-sun, chairman of the Democratic Party’s digital transformation, speaks at a general meeting of the headquarters in Yeouido, Seoul on the morning of the 31st. 2021.12.31

On the 2nd, Park Young-seon, chairman of the Democratic Party’s predecessor, the digital and innovation great transformation committee, announced that the first NFT (Non-Fungible Token) issued by him was traded for about 3 million won.

Chairman Park said in his social networking service (SNS) on the morning of the same day, “Park Young-sun NFT No. 1 was sold to an anonymous buyer on January 1 for 2000 clay (about 3 million won).” Klay is a cryptocurrency used in Klaytn, a blockchain platform led by Kakao subsidiary Ground X.

Previously, on December 30 last year, Chairman Park registered the article ‘opposing the closure of the virtual asset exchange’ that he posted on SNS on January 11, 2018 to OPEN SEA, a global exchange, as an NFT. NFT is a unit of data stored on a blockchain, meaning a unique, non-interchangeable token. It can be used to represent digital files such as photos, videos, and music.

He said, “I plan to use the sales profits for a meaningful place as a donation of digital assets that solve social problems.” “The first feeling of sales is ‘blah’ in one word. Digitalize the meaning of various fields that you like and share values ​​with each other. It feels like I’m taking my first step into the digital world where I can do it.”

Chairman Park also revealed that by combining his own photo and caricature of artist Kim Young-ho, he published NFT No. 2 with the message, “I hope the Republic of Korea will sing a new ‘hope and future’ in the new year.”

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