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Perpetual Protocol is a decentralized perpetual contract trading protocol, enabling decentralized Perpetual Swaps for Every Asset. It uses a Uniswap-inspired Virtual Automated Market Makers (Virtual AMMs) to provide guaranteed liquidity. PERP has a built-in Staking Reserve which backs and secures the Virtual AMMs and caters for derivatives. As a core team member, Weiting Chen is busy building new trading bricks for Ethereum and other Platforms such as Polkadot etc!
0:33 The Introduction with Weiting Chen
1:45 Perpetual Protocol is Platform Agnostic. Discussion of Volume.
2:20 Discussing the vAMM (Virtual Automated Market Maker)
7:79 Discussing Decentralisation. Why is this so important?
9:45 xDai & PERP relationship. Why is xDAI so important?
12:10 Scaling Solutions: Discussing scaling and what needs to be done.
14:30 Reiterating that there are many users
15:15 When it comes to Scaling solutions, the Perp team are agnostic.
16:07 The PERP token deep dive with Weiting- Governance & Staking & Utility
19:20 Insurance via staking mechanism
21:01 Regulation and Compliance
24:15 liquidity providers and protocols that use them.
27:38 Deep discussion on supporting traders.
28:26 Oracles & Chainlink & Native xDai integrations to come
29:15 More on trading and long/short position holders…
33:00 Devs. They are the key. Let’s talk about the Github? Open Source?- Yes.
33:50 Bounties for finding bugs.
35:26 Use, Trade, Very cheap fees to incentivise the users. Potential influx of more users.
38:50 Team: deep dive.
43:12 Investors, Early backers. How to trust the backers who would hodl & support? Which backers stood out? Answer: Multicoin Capital. Deep Dive here on VCs.
48:41 Lockup, one price for all in the early round.
52:10 Reputation is everything in this industry. Team did their homework on Backers
52:53 Staking and the effect on price/ price appreciation
55:40 People will be able to create and run their own market later this year permissionlessly! Coming around June: the uniswap for perpetual markets!!!!
57:04 The risk/reward of initial hype.
59:34 Partnerships. Legit Partnerships. (not funny business)
1:01:40 Social Media and best way to learn more? best way is Discord, twitter etc.
1:04:00 Downsides, challenges, risks, Community Moderation/sentiment.
1:10:45 Unique, useful product is the REAL value of this platform.
1:11:38 Discussing the media interest atm. Organic or not?
1:12:41 Brad’s closing and thanking Weiting Chen. Weiting’s final statement.

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