Poblegate, Advanced Financial Transaction Detection System (FDS)… “Promoting investor asset protection and transaction stability”


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[Blockchain Today Reporter Lee Ji-eun] Virtual asset exchange Fobblegate (CEO Lee Cheol-i) has upgraded the FDS and Suspicious Transaction Report (STR) management system to protect investors’ assets and operate a stable transaction system. announced on the 25th that it has institutionalized

FDS, operated in conjunction with the anti-money laundering (AML) system, is a system that is introduced by insurance, card, bank, and securities companies to monitor and block suspicious transactions such as fraud and fraud in real time. It patterns the transaction data based on AI technology and stops the transaction when an abnormal pattern occurs.

STR is a system that reports to the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) when suspicious transactions occur. For effective system operation, PobleGate designated a STR manager and established an evaluation model and monitoring system to manage suspicious transaction standards.

Poblegate established FDS and STR systems linked with the AML system prior to the enforcement of the Special Act in July. This time, data-based analysis technology has been advanced so that it can operate in a sophisticated manner. PobleGate plans to prevent various security incidents by regularly monitoring details and reporting abnormal transactions to the authorities.

Cheol-yi Lee, CEO of Poblegate, said, “In order to operate an abnormal transaction detection system equivalent to that of the financial sector, we are creating a compliance system by expanding the infrastructure and strengthening the manual. We are also working hard to internalize and strengthen our capabilities,” he said.

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