Polyent Games, ‘$100,000 for NFT Games’ Host esports tournaments


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[Blockchain Today Reporter Park Yohan] Polyient Games, a non-replaceable token (NFT)-focused investment company, launched a new online tournament to introduce the crypto space to mainstream gamers.

According to an announcement on the 8th (local time), Polyent Games has partnered with community gaming, an esports tournament platform, to launch a $100,000 series featuring games using NFTs. Esports games are known to function as a way to introduce mainstream gamers into the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain assets by allowing players to purchase digital collectibles and use NFTs as game items.

“The combination of decentralized technology and gaming will be one of the most important themes in the next decade,” said Craig Russo, co-founder of Polyent Games. “Our achievements with community gaming in the new decentralized tournament series. Is one of the major steps towards bringing a new industry into the mainstream world.”

In addition to e-sports games, the tournament is reported to include trading and battle games Axie Infinity and Ethereum-based digital trading card game SkyWeaver. All games will utilize Polyant Games’ in-game decentralized currency trading.

The first event of the $100,000 tournament will start on March 29th and prizes will be paid in US dollars and PGU, the base token of Polyent Games.

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