Popular cartoon, “Origin, the hot-blooded river,” now meets through NFT games.


Tooniplay and ACT Games start joint development… Scheduled to launch next March

[Blockchain Today Reporter Ji-Hye Han] You can now meet the sensational popularity in Korea, the cartoon’The Origin of the Hot-blooded Kang-ho’ as an NFT-based game.

Game developer Tooniplay announced on the 10th that it has decided to upgrade to an NFT-based game by jointly developing the mobile game’Fire Blood Origin’, which it is currently developing, with ACT Games.

The original work, Yeolhyeolgangho, is the longest-running comic book in Korea since it began serializing in 1994, and is one of Korea’s leading martial arts comics. As of January 2021, up to 82 volumes have been published, and it boasts the largest sales volume among comics released in a series of domestic magazines.

Dealing with the confrontation between political factions and Sapa over Moorim’s real power, Yul-Hyeol Kang-ho gained popularity by being released as online and mobile games as well as comics with a solid plot and interesting development. It is the industry’s critical opinion that it is content with guaranteed box office success.

Tooniplay has the best human resources that have developed intellectual property rights (IP)-based games for a long time, as well as collaboration examples of various contents such as webtoons and games. In particular, Origin is an NFT-based game, and it is expected to stand out from other mobile games by combining a new service type with excellent content.

NFT (NON FUNGIBLE TOKEN), which has recently attracted attention in the game industry, refers to an irreplaceable asset verification method based on a blockchain. The advantage is that it cannot be forged or altered, and it is easy to liquidize through tokens, attracting the market’s attention in terms of protection of authors’ ownership and free transactions.

Tooniplay explained that the origin game of the hot-blooded hobby is expected to provide consumers with a variety of enjoyment by providing a solid storyline and a new form of fun to consumers by combining it with a collectible card form.

Tooniplay’s public relations manager said, “Considering that the original Hot Blood Series is a powerful content that has been popular in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Japan, It is expected to attract attention,” he said.
“We will show fans the popularity of Yeolhyeolgangho again with the best know-how and technology possessed by Tooniplay and ACT Games. We look forward to the launch of Yeolhyeolgangho Origin NFT in March 2022.”