Rapper Dok2 and Double K characters will be published as NFTs… ‘3D Avatar’ making


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(Photo=Xverse) Blockchain-based fan community service ‘Mypick’ will launch the service in mid-June, starting with the rapper Dok2 and Double K NFT card.

[Blockchain Today Correspondent Han Ji-hye] The 3D avatars of hip-hop rapper Dok2, who released a new song in April, and the first-generation Hip-hop Double K, will be issued as NFTs (non-replaceable tokens).

Xverse, which is building the metaverse platform, announced on the 1st that it will introduce the rapper Dok2 and Double K NFT card as its first products along with the launch of ‘MyPick’, a blockchain-based fan community service.

NFT is a non-fungible token that has a unique recognition value, making it possible to claim ownership of digital assets. The NFT card to be released this time has a 3D avatar with the rapper ax and Double K images, and high-grade cards include motion and music, making them rarity. This rapper axe and Double K NFT card are randomly selected at the time of purchase. Mypic also has a community space for NFT card holders, so they can share and communicate with each other.

The Dok2 and Double K NFT cards, which will be released this time, will be sold at the same time as the fan community service My Pick developed by Xverse is launched. Mypick allows general card payment so that even ordinary people who are not familiar with blockchain and NFT can purchase it easily, and payment for virtual assets will be possible in the future.

Meanwhile, Xverse is developing Romong, a metaverse service targeting millennials in their 20s and 30s, where users can enjoy a second life through sub-characters in a virtual world. The NFT card released by Mypick will be applied to the Lomont service in the future.

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