Rising new cryptocurrency scams… Singapore’s Prime Minister also sells coins?


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© Source-Prime Minister Lee Sen-Long Facebook capture

Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Sen-Long revealed that a blockchain platform attempted to sell cryptocurrency by stealing his Twitter profile information.

Prime Minister Lee said through his Facebook official account on the 3rd, “The people who created this (blockchain) site are anonymous, but through a public tweet, I requested that my name and photo be immediately deleted from the site.”

In a Facebook message, Prime Minister Lee urged, “Do not be vigilant and always be alert when visiting cryptocurrency platforms.”

“It should be borne in mind that dealing with an organization or institution not regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) (which corresponds to the central bank) is not subject to legal protection from the regulatory authority (MAS).”

If you look at Prime Minister Lee’s Facebook message, the blockchain platform is a site that trades a new type of cryptocurrency called’Bitclout’. Bitcloud seems to have made the value of the so-called’creator’, which has high social media influence, into cryptocurrency.

If you look at the photo uploaded along with the Facebook message that Prime Minister Lee posted, he created his own Creator Coin and owned 27 coins, the value of which is $9800. It is also stated that the account is managed by the Singapore Prime Minister’s Office.