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The just-concluded 2020 can be described as a year of turning round for Bitcoin. It experienced a sharp drop of 3.12 at the beginning of the year, and set a record high at the end of the year, and once ranked among the top ten global assets. If you extend the time forward, it is not difficult to find that Bitcoin has been rising in twists and turns since its birth.

As Bitcoin once again ushered in a bright moment, it is no longer a fringe asset that the investment community questioned and dismissed. On the contrary, more and more institutional investors are beginning to pay attention to Bitcoin and include it in their investment portfolios. How do these insightful minds in the investment field view Bitcoin? Reading their articles can provide us with a new perspective on understanding this emerging asset.

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“A Letter to Traditional Investors: The Rationality of Investing in Digital Assets from a Macro Perspective”
One River is an American asset management company that has recently received investment from billionaire and well-known hedge fund manager Alan Howard, and has purchased more than $600 million in Bitcoin. Eric Peters, CEO of One River, stated in a letter to investors, “In a world where fiat currencies can be created infinitely, the value of digital assets can rise many, many times when the actual use of digital assets continues to increase. Bitcoin’s The value can definitely exceed gold.”
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“Founder of Stone Ridge: Understanding Bitcoin, My Four Personal Epiphany Moments”
Stone Ridge is an asset management company with a market value of 15 billion U.S. dollars. In a recent letter sent to shareholders, Stone Ridge, its founder, Ross L. Stevens, talked about his four epiphanies for understanding Bitcoin: cross-time and space-saleable Performance, difficulty in mining adjustment, clean energy catalyst.
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“Pantera: Why we believe Bitcoin will reach $115,000 in August”
Blockchain investment agency Pantera Capital expressed an optimistic view of the prospects of the Bitcoin market in an email to investors. Pantera believes that the Bitcoin halving effect is taking place. If history repeats itself, Bitcoin may reach a price peak of $115,212 in August this year.
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“The famous investment fund Paradigm preached Bitcoin to enlightened doubters”
Paradigm is currently one of the most active cryptocurrency investment institutions. In their daily work, they must face those investors who are interested in Bitcoin but skeptical, especially institutional investors from traditional investment institutions and family offices, and they often need to invest in these huge assets. People explain the value of Bitcoin. In the end, Huang Gongyu decided to write an article explaining clearly the value of Bitcoin in his eyes and answering the most concerned questions of these investors.
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“Paul Tudor Jones: Bitcoin may become the fastest rising asset in the next decade”
Paul Tudor Jones is one of the most respected macro traders of the past 30 years and the founder of the hedge fund Tudor Investment Corporation. In his letter to investors in May 2020, he predicted huge currency inflation and disclosed a bitcoin investment, betting that bitcoin will become the fastest rising asset in the next decade.
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“Fidelity’s Bitcoin investment report, take you to understand the reasons behind mainstream financial institutions’ increase in Bitcoin”
In late October 2020, the Fidelity Digital Assets business part of the traditional asset management giant Fidelity Group released the “Bitcoin Investment Theory: The Role of Bitcoin as an Alternative Investment” report, which summarized in detail the reasons for funding Bitcoin and pointed out that Bitcoin Bitcoin’s native digital assets will not be affected by the economic impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic. If Bitcoin only occupies 5% of the alternative investment market, the market size of Bitcoin will expand to US$670 billion.
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“Bitcoin Becomes the Flag of Technology”
Balaji S. Srinivasan, former CTO of Coinbase and former general partner of a16z, believes that Bitcoin represents a clear encoding of the values ​​previously implied by the technology community. It implies decentralization, extreme deflation, networking, digitalization and other technical values. It is not only a software, it is a Schelling point, a symbol. Therefore, in the 1920s, it will become a recognized technology banner.
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“The world is releasing water, Bitcoin is a weapon against the continued imbalance of credit expansion”
Bitcoin is not yet a safe haven, but the strongest anti-fragile competitor in an imbalanced financial system. The simplicity that Bitcoin represents-it is nothing but a personal freedom, the freedom to convert real world values ​​into a form of currency that cannot be manipulated. The promise of Bitcoin is a more stable currency system. But it does not promise what the price will be on any given day; the only guarantee it provides is that the supply will not be controlled or systematically injected by a central bank (or anyone).
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“Classic Rereading|Why is Bitcoin important? Why Bitcoin Matters
Bitcoin has been born for more than ten years. It has opened the door to the blockchain and also the era of digital currency revolution. However, in the first few years of Bitcoin’s birth, how did industry predecessors view it? Let’s reread this classic written in 2014. A16z co-founder Marc Andreessen has already predicted the future of Bitcoin for us.
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“Depth | An Institutional Investor’s View on Crypto Assets”
John Pfeffer is an entrepreneur and investor. At the beginning of this century, he was a partner of KohlbergKravisRoberts, a private equity firm in London. In the 1990s, he was the chairman of Groupe Allium SA, a leading French IT company. Before that, he worked for McKinsey in Europe and Latin America. From the perspective of long-term investors, Pfeffer has deeply interpreted the value potential of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
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