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Who is more important to decentralization and performance? This is an old debate in the crypto world. The answer given by the emerging public chain Solana is performance, and its network can support 50,000 transactions per second.

Kyle Samani, managing partner of Multicoin Capital, believes that the predictability brought by Solana’s high performance is essential to the development of blockchain, but there are no small voices questioning Solana’s lack of decentralization.

Now Solana stands out in the competition of the public chain Red Sea, with its market value rising to the top 20, ecological applications are booming, and recently won the blessing of a16z and other star institutions, its development prospects are undoubtedly worthy of attention. Lianwen selected Solana related reports to give you an in-depth understanding of Solana’s high-performance features, ecological applications and development potential.

Understand Solana features

Multicoin Partners: Why is predictability important to blockchain scalability?
Predictability means that developers who write the code today know that it will always take effect, and the cost of executing the code in the future will be lower than it is now.

Synthetix founders serial tweet: BSC and Solana are a wake-up call to the Ethereum community
After interacting with the BSC and Solana communities, Kain Warwick, the founder of Synthetix, expressed his concerns about the development of Ethereum. He believes that Ethereum cannot be proud of its decentralized architecture and must make progress in expansion.

OKEx Research: Understanding the Expansion Principles and Token Economy of Solana, a High-Performance Public Chain
Solana combines PoH and PoS to explore new performance improvement solutions, and has exceeded 50,000 TPS in practice.

Speaking with data: Who is the DeFi paradise among Polygon, Solana, BSC and Fantom?”
With the advent of the Layer 2 era, has the window of the new generation of public chains closed?

Interview with the founder of Solana: Block time can reach 80 milliseconds, Bitcoin’s 10 minutes is cynicism
Bitcoin’s 10-minute block time is “cynicism”, and our goal is 80 milliseconds when light travels halfway around the earth.

Solana wants to free the blockchain from the chains of time? Read together a brief history of blockchain time
Solana separates the hash-based time chain from state updates. First, it provides a permission-free, globally available, trust-minimized clock system for its smart contract platform, and optimizes network operation before reaching a consensus. Solana calls this core innovation It is the “Proof of History” (Proof of History, POH).

How does Solana build the ambition of a decentralized “world computer”?
The birth of Solana is not only an innovation based on the underlying consensus for Web3.0, but also a return to the original intention of creating a decentralized “world computer”.

Overview of Solana Ecological Applications

Illustrated Solana Ecological “Top 100 Applications”: Full-line Expansion in Eight Fields including DeFi and Infrastructure
In the first few months of this year, Solana has formed an ecosystem that covers DeFi, tools, infrastructure, NFT, games, wallets, DApp applications, and development. The subdivisions involved include DEX, Nearly 15 subdivisions such as derivatives, transaction analysis visualization, lending, synthetic assets, stable coins, etc.

Solana Season Hackathon Winners Announced, List of 39 Winning Projects
In this competition, more than 350 teams submitted multiple projects covering DeFi, NFT, Web3 and other tracks, and 39 projects were finally awarded.

“The Solana ecosystem is gradually gaining momentum. Which projects are worth paying attention to?
Solana ecological projects are mostly focused on infrastructure, and the application is mainly based on external mature applications, and there are few native applications based on Solana.

Popular ecological projects

“The legendary trader SBF wants to build a DeFi ecosystem Serum on Solana after becoming a big FTX. What kind of chess is this?
Sam Bankman-Fried stated that by using cross-chain swaps and tokenization functions, Serum will be able to directly access the Ethereum ecosystem, allowing ETH-based applications and wallets to directly access it.

A quick overview of the main DeFi protocols in the Serum ecosystem: How do they give play to their combined advantages?
Serum has completed the construction of a relatively complete DeFi ecological puzzle.

Understanding Solana Ecological Oracle Pyth: Attracting Top Wall Street Market Makers to Participate, What Exactly Is It Going To Do
Pyth, supported by market makers such as Alameda Research, Jump Trading, and GTS, said it wants to introduce real-world financial data to a decentralized world, and it has to take a different path from Chainlink’s “use of group wisdom to obtain data.”

Understanding Bonfida in Three Minutes: Serum Front End for Programmatic Trading on the Chain
Bonfida is not only an IDO platform or a pure Serum front end, but a collection of applications serving Serum and Solana ecosystems.

Three minutes to understand Only1: Solana-based high-performance NFT social platform
Only1 integrates the fan economy and NFT social networking, and thanks to Solana’s high-performance advantages, the connection between fans and creators can be directly and efficiently carried out through the NFT form.

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