Significantly reduce the cryptocurrency fall… Coins that reversed upward also come out


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Major cryptocurrency prices as of 1 p.m. on the 19th-Coinmarket cap capture

Bitcoin is attempting to rebound while significantly reducing its fall. Coins that have already rebounded are emerging.

As of 1:00 p.m. on the 19th (Korean time), which fell sharply the day before, the coin market cap in the United States is recording $57122, down 4.05% from 24 hours ago. Earlier, bitcoin fell to the 53,000 dollar level, which once plunged 15% due to money laundering investigations by the US Ministry of Finance the previous day.

Ethereum, the second-largest market cap, is also recording $2270, down 0.53% from 24 hours ago. In addition to greatly reducing the fall, it is expected that the upside can be reversed if it rises a little further.

Binance Coin, the third place in the market cap, has already succeeded in reversing the bullish. Binance Coin surged 5.12% to $535.

Dogecoin, the 6th place in the market cap, which rose the previous day, surged 17.87% to 33.97 cents. Earlier, Dogecoin had risen by 9% as of 7 am on the day. Dogecoin has doubled its rise.

The previous day’s cryptocurrency was Δ The U.S. Treasury Department reported that a cryptocurrency company was accused of laundering illegal funds and launched an investigation. Excluding Dogecoin, it collapsed all at once due to news of a power outage in Korea.