SK Securities “Bitcoin with 80 million won is good to buy now”


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SK Securities advised investors that it is okay to buy bitcoins, which exceeded 80 million won each, even now. In a stock market that generally takes a conservative view of cryptocurrency, SK Securities is unusually oriented toward cryptocurrency.

In a report published on the 14th, a researcher at SK Securities Han Dae-hoon said, “I will consistently answer the question of whether it is too late to buy bitcoin now.” We are recording, but we still believe that there is more upside potential.”

However, one researcher advises that this is limited to Bitcoin, the currently rising cryptocurrency leader, and Ethereum, the second-largest market cap.

One researcher said, “Bitcoin is gold”. As the introduction and the launch of bitcoin-related financial products such as ETFs are imminent, the upward trend of bitcoin will continue for the time being.”

One researcher also saw that Ethereum acts as a digital platform. In addition to NFT and DeFi, which are receiving hot attention recently,’stablecoin’, which is recognized as an official payment method by the US Monetary Authority, is considered to be highly scalable in the future, such as being constructed based on Ethereum.

However, he advised that it is reckless to find beneficiaries of NFT except for Ethereum, and that’don’t ask speculation’ should be vigilant.

One researcher emphasized that we should also be wary of premature investment in altcoins (small and medium-sized coins excluding bitcoin).

He said, “There are certainly good projects among altcoins, and some have high potential for development in the future, but in the case of Korea, the largest amount of altcoin transactions over bitcoin and Ethereum is definitely a concern,” he said. “Without understanding white papers and projects, You need to be careful about buying altcoins because they are cheap,” he stressed.