SOMESING to hold duet event with AI virtual idol ‘Eternity’ member ‘Dain’



[Blockchain Today Reporter Lee Ji-eun] Somesing, a blockchain-based social karaoke app, announced on the 22nd that it will hold a special duet event jointly planned with AI graphic company ‘Pulse9’.

‘Pulse9 (CEO Park Ji-eun)’ is a leading graphics company in Korea that provides AI services that create live-action virtual person images and synthesize them into images taken by themselves. By developing ‘Deep Real AI’, a digital human creation technology, it has the technology to create virtual characters in a short time, and recently attracted strategic investment from Neptune, an affiliate of Kakao Games.

‘ETERNITY’ is a virtual project girl group created through Pulse Nine’s proprietary ‘Deep Real AI’ technology. In the end, it consisted of 11 people. In this duet event held at Somesing, ‘Dain’, who took the first place in SNS voting in ‘Heart Strike Challenge 2nd Round’, participated and included Eternity’s representative songs ‘I’m Real’ and ‘No Filter’, including IU ( IU)’s representative songs ‘Hold My Hand’ and ‘Nagging’ will be sung as a duet to communicate with Somesing users.

Kim Hee-bae, CEO of Somesing, said, “The duet event with a virtual idol created with AI is the first event that Somesing has tried, so I am very much looking forward to it. I hope that the MZ generation, which accounts for a large proportion of Something, will experience a new duet with virtual idols in line with the future trends implied by AI and metaverse.” In addition, CEO Kim said, “Something also provides facial recognition AI technology companies including Pulse9, virtual characters and camera filters to provide a more diverse service experience while satisfying the needs of ‘multi-persona’, one of the characteristics of the MZ generation. We will continue to negotiate for technological alliances with companies,” he said, expressing his aspirations for future advancement.

This duet festival will be held for about ten days from November 22 to December 3 through the festival menu in the Somesing app. am. More details about the event can be found through the notice in the Somesing app.

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