‘Something’ signed a business agreement with ‘Cleon’, a deep human AI culture tech company


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[Blockchain Today Correspondent Han Ji-hye] = Somesing, a blockchain-based social karaoke app, signed a business agreement with Deep Human AI culture tech company ‘Kleon’ (CEO Jin Seung-hyuk) ‘Deep Human’ technology that can create their virtual characters is applied.

Cleon, which attracted an investment of 2 billion won from Kakao in August, has quadrupled its new corporate value in the past two months and has recently succeeded in attracting additional investment. Cleon’s ‘Deep Human’ technology, which can create a virtual human character with just one picture and 30 seconds of voice using deep learning, is a core technology of Cleon, and the technology was provided to CJ ENM, LG Electronics, Kakao, and Hyundai. In particular, Cleon was recently recognized for its technological prowess as only two products were awarded the Innovation Award in the software & mobile app field of ‘2022 CES’ hosted by the American Consumer Technology Association (CTA).

Somesing CEO Kim Hee-bae said, “In accordance with the ‘multi-persona’ trend pursued by the MZ generation, the main consumer of mobile services, by applying Cleon’s ‘deep human’ technology, Somesing also allows users to create so-called ‘buccaneers’ and create content. It is expected that it will be able to provide more variety of fun to users. In addition, when creating video content, users create a virtual character instead of their real face to create unique content and provide an environment where they can freely communicate with other users, as well as provide an environment where they can freely communicate with other users. We plan to apply a technology that converts a user’s face photo and virtual character image into interesting video content first. To this end, we will continue to secure IPs for various virtual characters.”

Jin Seung-hyuk, CEO of Cleon, said, “Cooperating with Somethingsing, which has a strong user base of 600,000 in over 160 countries, is highly anticipated for Cleon. When the company’s vision to spread AI technology, which has been considered only as an expert’s domain, widely to the public, and Something’s vision to create a new activity space beyond the simple ‘karaoke’ service on the app through a virtual face, it will be very I am sure it will bring about great synergy. Starting with the virtual face synthesis function in Somesing, I hope that Cleon’s AI technology, which will be developed in the future, can be gradually expanded and applied.”

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