Spider Dao enters the Korean market, ‘KS certification’ enter the process


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Blockchain Applied VPN Service
Hacking preparation and personal information protection function

[Blockchain Today Correspondent Han Ji-hye] Global company SpiderDao announced on the 25th that it would enter the Korean market of a private router applying block chain and take formal steps to receive radio wave certification and KS certification.

Currently, there are numerous exchanges in the cryptocurrency market. In addition to △Upbit △Bithumb △Coinone △Korbit, which are among the largest in Korea, many investors trade in exchanges such as △Fobblegate △Gopax △Probit, which are called small and medium-sized cryptocurrency exchanges. The transaction amount also exceeds that of the KOSPI.

However, unlike this increasing trend of cryptocurrency transactions, personal security devices and infrastructure are remarkably insufficient, and the individual’s perception of ‘security’ is at the level of ‘insensitivity to safety’. So-called ‘large exchanges’ have relatively many security devices, and server security is also being implemented in accordance with the recent mandatory ‘ISMS authentication’ of exchanges. However, despite the support of these systems, account hacking still occurs frequently due to personal carelessness.

An individual’s ID and password, especially the private key of the personal wallet, must be taken special care not to be exposed to the outside to prevent leakage and hacking of personal assets. However, as people use social media a lot recently, methods of hijacking personal information by hacking personal PCs by tracking the IP of people who mention cryptocurrency a lot online are popular.

To prevent these hacks, investors need to use a VPN. A VPN service creates a virtual trading channel between the sender and the receiver of information when transacting cryptocurrencies. This blocks the risk of intrusion from the outside. In particular, when accessing the exchange using public Wifi, the nature of the open network is vulnerable to security, and there is a high possibility that hackers may steal personal information such as digital wallets of investors.

SpiderDao not only provides these VPN services for free, but also applies blockchain technology to prevent hacking and personal information theft by allowing individuals to exercise their sovereignty without selling personal VPN usage information to the outside. are provided at the same time.

Currently, more than 10,000 users in 18 countries around the world are receiving VPN service using SpiderDao’s router, and it will be sold after completing KC certification and radio wave certification in Korea.

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