The dilemma of the miners before Filecoin goes live: the surplus of mining machines and the shortage of pledge coins


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Due to the urgent demand for pledged coins by miners, there may be a situation where one coin is hard to find in the initial stage of FIL’s online transaction.

Original title: “The biggest problem before Filecoin goes online: the shortcomings of the pledged currency require miners to bear FIL or rob the rise”
Author: Wu said blockchain

Filecoin, which many Chinese investors are concerned about, is about to go online, and various controversies abound before the launch. A screenshot on the 14th triggered intense discussions in the industry, claiming that the CEO of Diancun announced that the miners’ mainnet line needed to purchase FIL as pre-collateral, and thereafter it was said that FIL collateral could be borrowed.

Subsequently, a timely statement from the Force Zone stated that the initial pledge part would be advanced in advance, triggering more discussions and mutual attacks.

The dilemma of the miners before Filecoin goes live: the surplus of mining machines and the shortage of pledge coins

At this point, the problem of the shortage of pledge coins before the launch has finally been exposed. Previously, mining machine factories in almost all communities were seeking FIL test coins for this reason. Filecoin is a big fire, but it seems that various companies have stopped advertising and selling mining machines and cloud computing power, to some extent because of the shortage of mortgage coins. But this issue is not willing to be exposed, because it will affect sales and customer interests, until Dian Cun pierced the emperor’s new clothes.

Dianchuan responded that, first, it was calculated based on the parameters of the main network at 8 pm on October 13th; second, the M9 product was purchased at full speed and a total of 350 FIL was invested within 90 days. It was not a one-time operation. Only 4.8 FILs need to be prepared per day; thirdly, miners do not have to buy so much, and they do not need to prepare additional pledge coins. Most customers have SR1 rewards, which are released in 180 days, and 0.5 per day can be used for pledge.

Reference point deposit response full text: point deposit response to pledge currency dispute

The full text of Diancun ’s response also reveals an embarrassing situation: that is, if Filecoin’s official economic parameters are not adjusted, under the current situation, the mining machines of the entire network will basically be in a half-boot state, because they are subject to the restrictions of pledged coins. It is impossible to seal at full speed. In other words, under the current policy, Filecoin mining machines have been severely surplus, and pledge coins are severely in short supply.

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The dispute about the initial pledge comes from the design of Filecoin, that is, if you start mining, the pledge amount of each fan blade (32G) is about the output of the fan blade for 20 days, and the upper limit is 1FIL, which is the effective amount of every 1T you add. For computing power, 32 FIL pre-staking (initial) is required.

According to the calculation of Mars Cloud Mine, miners encapsulate 331,250 sectors per day at a rate of 10.6 PiB/day. According to the current mortgage demand of approximately 0.4 FIL/sector, the entire network needs to mortgage 133,000 FIL per day. According to the current policy, during the 180-day unlocking period, miners will unlock 21,000 FIL on the first day, 30,000 FIL on the 10th day, and 50,000 FIL on the 30th day. Another proposal that has not yet passed is to unlock 25% immediately, which is 1/4 of the 173,000 FIL, or about 43,250 FIL. In any case, it is far from the number of collateral coins, so the entire industry is currently in short supply of collateral coins.

Filecoin puts too much pressure on the miners, so Dianzhuan evenly distributes the pressure to the hosting miners. However, this sudden change caused a sudden increase in the cost of miners, and it is inevitable to be dissatisfied. Considering that Filecoin’s incentive mechanism has been adjusted, this situation is unavoidable. It can be expected that other manufacturers’ policies may be adjusted in the future.

Other mining machine manufacturers have different attitudes. 1475 indicates that relevant policies will be disclosed after the mainnet is launched. Time Cloud said that the initial mortgage will help users provide it, and the later users will need to mortgage themselves after digging out the coins. Cloud computing power customers are all handled by the company. Interstellar continent stated that the policy is similar to the Force Zone, and the mortgage currency is advanced by the company. The main reason may be the different response brought by the scale, sales price and strategy.

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According to Mars Cloud Mine’s calculations, after the mainnet went live, early investors unlocked and released 351,000 FIL every day, and the official unlocked and released 182,500 FIL every day, but promised not to sell it early. Investors’ FIL will become the source of pledge coins. At present, exchanges such as Huobi, OKEx, and Matcha have launched various activities to welcome the launch of Filecoin. Due to the urgent demand for pledge coins, FIL released by private equity investors will be snapped up. It can be expected that the price of the currency will rise, and there will even be a situation where one currency is hard to find in the market.

However, there is also a problem. Major manufacturers have their own private equity coins, and they also need to buy coins in the market. If the price of the coin soars, the manufacturers will be under great pressure to purchase the pledge coins on their own, and they may also have to transfer the pressure. To customers or retail investors.

The deposit statement also exposed an unspoken industry rule, that is, “If we reduce the storage speed by 10 times, then we only need to submit 0.49 pledge coins per day, so the pressure on us to advance the pledge coins will be greatly reduced, but the deposit of one M9 takes 900 days, which is very uneconomical for customers, and from the perspective of integrity, we can’t secretly operate without the customer.”

Many manufacturers have sold a large number of mining machines and cloud computing power before. If there are not enough pledge coins, whether this method will be adopted is still unknown.

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The dilemma of the miners before Filecoin goes live: the surplus of mining machines and the shortage of pledge coins

Against this cruel background, some miners are considering forking coins. Wu said that the blockchain previously disclosed < MIX Group Han Weiping announced that Filecoin will be forked on September 19 will have a “fork wave” > Also named Filecash officially announced the launch, but there are not many participants at present, and it is suspected that the mainnet is still Not fully prepared, the major exchanges did not recognize it. Although people from all walks of life claim that there are more than 10 teams preparing for the fork, after a period of hype, it seems that there are not many real advances.

The problem is that the Filecoin network is very complicated, there are still many bugs in the official, and the outside world still has doubts about whether the fork coin can be promoted safely. Because of Filecoin’s penalty mechanism, it is impossible to form a machine gun pool similar to POW fork coins. Another platform called fompound has the concept of hashing power coins. The promotion has been supported by the Hellofil mining pool and more than ten tokenfunds to share costs, but it has not been recognized by exchanges or large institutions for the time being.

At present, almost all miners are complaining about the strict official mechanism and overly favoring investors and the official itself. But from another perspective, mining machine manufacturers have sold a large amount of cloud computing power and mining machines under the hype of public opinion, and the capital side still has certain strength. After the launch, due to the different technologies and strategies of different manufacturers, customers will find that there is a large gap in revenue, and rights protection events may occur one after another.

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