The ETH2.0 beacon chain main network is launched, and BiKi first launches verification node mining


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The Beacon Chain mainnet of ETH2.0 is planned to be launched on December 1. In order to start, the storage contract requires a minimum deposit of 524,288 ETH (16,384 validators). Up to now, the total amount of Ethereum 2.0 deposit contract addresses 1,518 50,592 ETH deposited by 229 creation validators, accounting for 9.65% of the total target (524288 ETH).

What exactly is ETH2.0?

Ethereum 2.0 is a major upgrade to the current Ethereum mainnet, which aims to accelerate the use and application of Ethereum by improving its performance. This upgrade greatly increases the transaction volume by improving the speed, efficiency and scalability of the network, reducing the congestion and high transaction costs of the Ethereum network, which will bring Ethereum to a new height.

We review the four stages of Ethereum development:

The difference between ETH1.0 and ETH2.0:

Compared with ETH1.0, ETH2.0 adds two new parts: Proof of Stake and Shard Chains.

Proof of Stake: Proof of Stake (PoS) 2.0 is an upgraded version of Proof of Work (PoW) 1.0, which improves security and scalability, and is more energy-efficient. It relies on validators (virtual miners) and deposits of Ether to build new blocks .

Shard chain: Shard chain is a scalability mechanism that can greatly increase the throughput of the Ethereum blockchain.

(Unlike Ethereum 1.0 which can only achieve a throughput of 15 TPS, Ethereum 2.0 can process thousands to tens of thousands of transactions (or even more) per second without reducing its decentralization level)

Why should we seize the opportunity to start the ETH2.0 beacon chain mainnet?


Participating in the main network of the ETH2.0 beacon chain can obtain relatively low-risk stable income. When the pledged ETH is only 524,288 ETH deposited, then its APR income can reach 21.6%; if the pledged ETH reaches 2,450,000, its return rate can also reach 10%; even if the locked ETH is as high as 10,000,000, its APR income is also It can reach 4.9%, which is much higher than the ETH storage income of other DeFi protocols.


How do ordinary users participate?

There are two ways for ETH holders to participate in the staking of Ethereum 2.0 to earn income.

First, ETH holders can pledge 32 ETH to the network to run their own validators. Run your own validator on behalf of you to be responsible for verifying and organizing blocks-otherwise your ETH will be penalized (see “Pledge Rewards” FAQ).

Another option for ETH holders is to pledge their rewards through a pledge service provider, or put a small amount of ETH into the pledge pool. No matter how much ETH you have, you can participate in the pledge in this way and get rewards proportional to the amount of pledge. .

Ethereum technology development company ConsenSys divided the Ethereum users participating in the survey into four categories based on their attitudes towards Ethereum 2.0 staking:

1 Users who plan to run their own verification node;

2 Users who plan to use third-party staking service providers;

3 Users who are not sure how to staking;

4 Users who do not plan to stake;

However, there are many users who hold Ethereum, who do not know the verification node of ETH2.0 themselves, but want to participate in it and do not want to miss this bonus. It is recommended to participate in pledge through some brand-guaranteed exchanges or other service providers .

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BiKi’s entire network first launches ETH2.0 verification node mining

BiKi, as the first platform for the entire network to start ETH2.0 verification node mining, has made sufficient preparations before the launch of the ETH2.0 beacon chain mainnet. Event participation time: November 9th 11:00-November 15th 18:00 (GMT+8), the total amount of the event is 320ETH.

The platform participates in the pledge of ETH2.0 verifiers, and the pledge income obtained will be issued to the account according to the proportion of user subscriptions, and the platform will soon open the BETH/ETH trading pair. Holding BETH on the platform can obtain pledge income and can also be traded at any time.

Ps. What is BETH?

ETH2.0 is about to be converted to POS. In the 0 phase of ETH2.0, users pledge ETH to become a beacon chain verifier, and can obtain pledge income. The minimum threshold for user pledge is 32 ETH. After ETH is transferred to the beacon chain, it will be converted into BETH 1:1, that is, 32 BETH will become a validator, and BETH will be rewarded.

Why participate in BETH exchange at BiKi?


​BiKi was established in 2018 as a global one-stop trading service platform. Currently, there are more than 4 million registered users, and its business covers digital asset trading, derivatives, blockchain technology research and development, blockchain industry investment, and blockchain project incubation. Its daily average transaction volume is around US$100-200 million. The vertical and horizontal trading quotations, the launch of popular currencies, and the diversified product system also give users a high-quality trading experience.

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BiKi started from the initial concept of platform currency deflation, to the partnership system and community fission, to the development of derivatives, the launch of DeFi liquidity mining, and the release of the first verification node mining in the entire network. BiKi is in the blockchain In the period of major changes in the industry, we can always grasp the trend with the most keen market insight. Although BiKi has spent a lot of energy on infrastructure construction and innovative models, BiKi has also slowly established a very good in the process of large infrastructure construction. The positive cycle of the company, every step taken is well thought out and is a sustainable development path.

As the last advanced stage of Ethereum, ETH2.0 will take several years from 0-2. As a veteran exchange, BiKi’s investment in the infrastructure of the blockchain industry is indispensable. When ETH2.0 is used as the key to the bull market, BiKi will assist blockchain users to smoothly open the door and allow more people to profit.