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Today BlockchainBrad speaks with TheFoundry’s Ian Friend about a new Community Driven DeFi Incubator set to change the game in sustained support that’s community-inclusive! The old #crypto incubator model is flawed; it lacks fairness, it’s too centralized, too closed, & lines the rich pockets of few. It’s time to flip the crypto Incubator model on its head! The Foundry is bringing a new inclusive way to support startups for the long term. So, what is The Foundry? The Foundry is the first incubator to combine a decentralized fundraising model with legit educators, influencers, founders, exchanges, plus a suite of valuable DeFi technology to ensure a project’s success from pre-launch through scaling. By combining DuckDAO’s decentralized fundraising model with Ferrum Network’s DeFi technology, plus the strength of two strong crypto communities and a multi-year advisory structure, The Foundry is working hard to change the incubator game for the better, to be fairer!
0:06 Introduction of The Foundry by BCB
1:10: Ian’s intro to TheFoundry and incubator models- explainer intro
1:38 Lack of longterm approach with old, outdated models
1:50 The Foundry; focus on utility, partnered with Ferrum and Duck DAO to uplift the space.
3:11 Differentiated with DeFi. Bringing novel tech to new users through a novel approach. Ferrum discussed.
4:19 The goal is about building tools.
5:20 Let’s explore the combo of Ferrum and Duck DAO. How is this a game-changer? Let’s start with the fundraiser model. Open access for real people to participate! Real supporters! Sustained supporters!
7:36 The Network of power, centralised clout and cartels.. time to change the game!
8:27 The investment opportunity is opened up to thousands of people. Everyday investors doing real work, longterm supporters.
10:00 The old model and the network of centralised power, VC-led influencer power.
11:07 Transparency is IMPERATIVE. Disclosures are also legally required.
12:15 What’s the deal? What is required of influencers. It’s all transparent, all stated.
15:10 The get rich quick cancer in crypto. Time to change the game to a long term mindset.
15:40 Excellent project support is going to be key.
17:08 Exchange partners. Strong Asian presence.
18:45 Geographically-based power play .The SanFran Big Money power-play
20:45 It’s time to change the game COMPLETELY!
24:00 sometimes the top VCs are investing in shitcoins, promoting hype. So the real problem solvers and the legit VCs who back them is essential!
26:00 The Duck Dao- the decentralised DeFi VC. Let’s discuss.
29:30 Token plans? What is The Foundry’s plan? Duck Dao and Ferrum’s utility token is supported. And as an incubator, the focus is on the utility tokens of the startups.
30:43 The tiers, the access tiers with Duck DAO, the Ferrum access system.
34:00 The Foundry’s approach and model can evolve if required.
37:00 The Vetting Process. How do you pick the startups? How do you identify quality?
40:40 Is The Foundry agnostic in terms of platform support? Not platform-centric?
46:00 The first project coming this week!!!!! It involved with Polkadot.
47:45 Ian says this new project is going to do well because of it’s utility-based.
48:30 How do you steady the hype and fomo and how it can outstrip logic?
48:40 The Hype Bubble and the fomo- promo problem
49:40 TheFoundry is about long term service and technical support. Staking systems also.
52:20 Leveraging Networks. Leveraging the Duck Dao network. Ethos links.
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