The globalization layout was further established, and the “Asian Yuan ACU” trademark was successfully registered in the Philippines


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Recently, Asia Digital Currency Co., Ltd. stated that its “Asian Dollar ACU” brand trademark was successfully registered in the Philippines. This move marks the acceleration of the globalization strategy of ACU.

It is reported that the “Asian Yuan ACU” has successfully applied for 16 countries (regions) in Asia including Singapore, South Korea, Brunei, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Japan and 27 EU countries.

As a major member of ASEAN, the Philippines has been actively promoting the landing of the Asian dollar. In December 1998, the then Philippine President Estrada proposed the idea of ​​implementing a single currency in Asia at the ASEAN summit held in Vietnam. This was the first move by the Asian dollar. In 2005, the Asian Development Bank, headquartered in the Philippines, stated that it was designing the “Asian dollar” concept. Today, the “ACU” trademark has been successfully registered in the Philippines.

Asian Dollar ACU was issued and launched in Hong Kong by Asia Digital Currency Co., Ltd. in 2019, and is committed to building a bridge between Asian currency integration and RMB internationalization. Since its launch, ACU has been focusing on the world and has continued to accelerate its global deployment.

In July 2019, Asia Digital Currency Co., Ltd. and the World Digital Currency Bank signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Kowloon, Hong Kong, and reached a consensus on the global payment promotion business of ACU.

In September, the government of Suriname and Asia Digital Currency Co., Ltd. formulated a strategic cooperation framework to jointly promote the internationalization of ACU.

In the same month, Maria Eugenia Amaya, Consul of Panama in Hong Kong, Mr. Esmkhani and Mr. Hosseini, Consul General of Iran in Hong Kong visited Asia Data Group, and exchanged opinions on the landing of ACU in Panama, Iran’s global trade settlement and people’s livelihood payment.

A month later, the diplomat of the Dominican Republic stated that he would actively promote the implementation of ACU in Asia.

In October 2019, Francis Kwok, Chairman of Ferrari Group Asia, visited Yashu Group. The two sides conducted in-depth exchanges on the payment application of Yayuan ACU in the Ferrari Group industry, including using Yayuan ACU to purchase Ferrari cars, at Ferrari theme parks and Ferrari Stars. Level hotel consumption, etc.

In December 2019, the World Digital Currency Forum was formally established, and ACU released to the world.

Entering 2020, affected by the new crown virus pneumonia, the global promotion of ACU has been delayed slightly, but it is still continuing to advance.

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