The hyped NFT, the DeFi of the second-tier network, the sprouting sweet potato (YAM), which one do you like?


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On the one hand, some people are speculating on NFT, on the other hand, DeFi head products are about to be released on the second-tier network. The community-based YAM is quietly sprouting. Which one do you prefer?

It’s hard to talk about being more optimistic. From another perspective, whoever comes first will break out first.

1. NFT, need time, wait for GHST

Cao Yin said: NFT must be patient.

The reason is: The NFT infrastructure is still under construction, and a complete functional protocol stack and application platform have not been formed.

Compared with the rise of DeFi, DeFi has a rich accumulation:

1. Complete infrastructure and all kinds of functional agreements

2. Speculative demand is driven, infrastructure supports market speculation

3. The overall market picks up, and the market drives DeFi to rise

Recently, the NFT has entered everyone’s field of vision. There is a sock stimulation from UNI, and a sock is 8,000 dollars. Just a sock, sold for 8,000 dollars, which is incredible.

There is also the stimulation of MEME cards. The price of a card sold for 77 ETH, MEME tokens has increased by more than 100 times.

The newly created NFT trading platform rarible has launched transaction mining, and both buyers and sellers can receive platform token rewards. This has stimulated the growth of transaction volume, which exceeds that of Opensea, which has been a business for several years.

However, MEME and sock are still niche participation. Many people or institutions have not made money from them. In addition, the infrastructure is not perfect, and it is estimated that it will be difficult to promote in the short term.

However, GHST may be a bit different. GHST is backed by Aave. After Aave’s liquidity mining becomes popular, GHST has room for hype. After uniswap’s sock issued uni currency, it surged.

In other words, after Aave starts liquidity mining, when people who hold lend tokens make money, everyone will have the motivation and funds to speculate on Aave’s NFT tokens, namely GHST. However, the current GHST token has risen six or seven times. I personally feel that the price of the currency is going to a higher level, and we still need to wait for the outbreak of Aave.

2. While DeFi is accumulating, many important things are on the way

Recently, many Defi projects have put the second-tier network on the agenda. The confirmed ones include Uniswap, Aave, Synthetix, Nexus Mutual and other projects. The first to start was Synthetix, which was upgraded to the original version of the L2 extension on September 24, and the second upgrade was performed on September 29.

Regarding the second layer network, it solves the current problem of expensive gas fees and slow transactions on ETH. Participating in the DeFi project on ETH, the number of network users is slightly larger, and the GAS fee for an operation is several hundred yuan, which is too expensive.

The DeFi head project realizes a two-layer network, which is a big story. After all, the head of DeFi, there are institutions behind it, there are funds, and there are many users. This hype point is indeed greater, and there are more people and more money.

Regarding the two-layer network expansion plan, let’s compare the pros and cons of the two-layer network solutions. At present, Rollup technology is relatively hot, and it is also a possible choice for many Defi projects.

炒作的NFT,发力二层网络的DeFi,正在发芽的红薯(YAM),你看好哪一个? The next hot spot depends on the head project on DeFi, after all, where is the innovation ability.

Of course, it is not just the second-tier network of many DeFi head projects. There are also uniswap’s V3, Aave’s liquidity mining, and Ampl’s flexible finance. One of these explosions can stimulate the market. Then NFT assets that are closer to DeFi will have more opportunities.

Regarding YAMV3, a sweet potato is sprouting. As for what it will grow and what fruit it will bear, who knows? After all, community cohesion is there, it depends on the trouble.