The launch of Gene detonated the community to scramble for mining, and Metaverse’s DNA ecology ushered in the strongest sector


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DeFi is the hottest track in the blockchain industry in 2020, and it has become a scene where applications are progressing rapidly. The well-known public chain project Metaverse has accumulated a lot of DNA and launched a phenomenon-level DeFi aggregation platform-Gene.Finance in October. Judging from the performance of its governance token Gene, the performance is very impressive. On October 22, Gene was officially launched in the MXC Matcha Innovation Zone. The opening price was 0.1 USDT, and the highest quotation was 0.875 USDT, an increase of 775%.

Data shows that after Gene went online, pledged mining has become more popular. The total amount of pledged mining has exceeded 30 million US dollars. The pledged tokens include MX, DLP, GENE, DNA and ETP. A large number of users locked the pledge and caused unprecedented popularity of on-chain transfers, causing Gene’s gas consumption to rise to the top 20 of Ethereum Gas Guzzlers. The continued high gas fee shows the strong market demand for Gene, and the increase in Gene price is the general trend.

On the evolutionary path, Gene.Finance goes online

The DeFi aggregation platform Gene.Finance developed by the well-known public chain project Metaverse DNA was officially launched on October 18. Gene.Finance is an innovative DeFi aggregation platform developed by Metaverse DNA. It uses Metaverse DNA as a Layer 2 solution to support scalability and will enable liquid mining of GENE tokens. Gene.Finance will also successively launch NFT token incentive model, DEX combined with order book and AMM, and decentralized lending services.

Gene.Finance initially took advantage of the DeFi culture of Ethereum to improve its existing automatic market maker (AMM) economic system and technical structure, and at the same time combined the non-homogeneous tokens (NFT) that has gradually become popular with the public. It provides excellent decentralized products with high profits and easy-to-understand interface operations for the continuously expanding Metaverse community.

With exponential growth in revenue, Gene becomes an important part of Metaverse’s DNA

Gene is the governance token of Gene.Finance, which is used to promote the decision-making process of the cross-chain DeFi protocol established by the Metaverse DNA core team. The mission of GENE tokens is to incentivize liquidity and at the same time be used to pledge on the Gene.Finance platform. Once the community has established a core governance system based on GENE and completed the listing, the holders of governance tokens will vote on protocol improvements and changes to the core parameters of Gene.Finance.

In fact, the amazing price performance and annualized revenue of Gene’s launch speak for itself. After Gene launched Uniswap, Gene went from the opening price of $0.01 to $6.8, an increase of 680 times. At present, the total amount of pledged mining has exceeded 30 million US dollars. The pledged tokens include MX, DLP, GENE, DNA and ETP. Users can pledge MX, DLP, GENE, DNA, ETP and other tokens to harvest different animal GENE. The highest rate of return is “GENE Tiger”, which is expected to reach an annualized rate of 3150.16%.

As the “DeFi project base camp”, the Matcha Exchange has closely followed Gene’s launch and launched the MX-GENE mining treasure product as soon as possible. The 2 million MX quota was sold out in 2 minutes, and the actual annualized income was issued for the first time. Up to 1300%. On October 22, Gene was officially launched in the MXC Matcha Innovation Zone. The opening price was 0.1 USDT, and the highest quotation was 0.875 USDT, an increase of 775%. This kind of income return has undoubtedly become the “DeFi sweet pastry” in the eyes of Amber people.

Gene currently has a high degree of attention in the DeFi field. It is important to know that Metaverse DNA global community has hundreds of thousands of fans and is extremely active. It can be seen from the brilliant data that all indicators of Gene.Finance are excellent. Next, Gene.Finance is likely to become the leader of a new generation of DeFi. Based on continuous iterative upgrades, Gene.Finance can give users a good enough experience, so as to achieve a catch-up.

Unlimited potential, Gene opens a new myth of DeFi wealth

Many people will ask, what are the advantages of Gene.Finance? We think there are three levels. On the one hand, there are the advantages of token economy. The current distribution and economic system of Gene tokens are as follows:

85% of the GENE token supply will be allocated to pledge tokens (DNA, ETP, DLP, MX, etc.) or communities that provide liquidity for Gene.Finance. The remaining 15% will be reserved to motivate the team and individuals with outstanding contributions, among which individual rewards are distributed according to the proportion of positions held. It is foreseeable that the first batch of communities and individuals that provide liquidity for Gene.Finance’s trading pairs will first receive generous returns.

On the other hand is the original NFT incentive gameplay. Non-homogeneous tokens (NFT) have become popular in recent times. Gene.Finance will introduce collectibles and gameplay for Defi. Most of Gene.Finance will be cast on the Metaverse public chain, and the other part will be cast on the Ethereum chain, aiming to further increase the return to the initial supporters.

NFT will be used to provide additional rewards for these supporters, including but not limited to: additional rewards per block, higher proportion of revenue distribution, airdrop rewards, free peripherals, etc. Not only that, but early supporters can also rely on this to have unique works of art created by internal digital artists.

All of the above are the ultimate factors that promote the soaring price of GENE tokens. Whether it is fundamental, technical, or news, Gene.Finance is worthy of long-term participation.

Through Gene.Finance, Metaverse’s DeFi project is more community-autonomous. Feedback on new gameplay and capture of new trends will be much ahead of the current centralized institutions and other DeFi platforms. In the future, it is expected to surpass Ethereum and become a premium digital A new reservoir of assets.

We look forward to Gene.Finance being able to lead DeFi and truly move towards a broader market, so that investors in the entire crypto market can enjoy the fruits of decentralized finance.