The many tech CEO fails of 2019


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The pause of the yr is repeatedly presented because the ideal opportunity to rob stock of one’s existence. In spite of the total lot, what better time to embrace a loved one or to resolve a glass and toast to chums? 

In 2019, one entirely cheap technique to participate on this annual custom is to acknowledge the total systems you didn’t fuck up the lives of these around you — no longer like the many, fabulously effectively off technology CEOs that graced this yr’s headlines.

With that in thoughts, let’s rob a stroll down the pothole-ridden memory lane that is our as much as date era. For your left, wonder at the C-suite executives busily chipping away at the assist constructions of our barely taped-together society. For your precise, watch the mess of labor violations, environmental catastrophes, and surveillance-advise nightmares born of their efforts. 

Fortuitously, our metaphorical crumbling avenue has lots of schadenfreude to spare. Please, straggle forward and attend yourself. 

Designate Zuckerberg

A deep breath of BS

A deep breath of BS


The Fb CEO (and undoubtedly precise human) has had slightly the yr. Whereas his wealth remained stratospheric, his recognition took a moderately much less soaring route. The downward spiral used to be kicked off in fragment by a series of scandals and missteps that can, if we’re all composed paying attention, haunt Zuckerberg for slightly a while. 

Most lately, the CEO used to be grilled by Congress on his platform’s abysmal civil rights picture. But that, most undoubtedly, used to be no longer all. There used to be moreover the $5 billion sparkling from the FTC, the “determined history” tool that didn’t if truth be told determined anything else, and that point Zuckerberg implied Fb might perchance well get refrained from the Iraq struggle

We must composed moreover decidedly no longer fail to see the time Fb co-founder Chris Hughes known as for the company’s breakup, or when Zuckerberg’s cryptocurrency undertaking repeatedly ate shit

Oh, and because why the hell no longer, Zuckerberg had a secret dinner with Donald Trump to attend his trash yr straggle down even additional in flames.

Tim Put together dinner

Living on the edge

Living on the edge

Image: Gisela Schober / getty

You would deem any individual carefree enough to crush liters of beer subsequent to inflated woman bugs would get had a beautiful relaxed yr. And, effectively, repeatedly you’d be upright. Sadly for Apple CEO Tim Put together dinner, he looks to be the exception to that otherwise tried and precise rule.

Let’s birth with a subject ostensibly conclude to and costly to Put together dinner’s coronary heart: privacy. Whereas the CEO has repeatedly spoken referring to the importance of consumer privacy, Apple’s flagship product, the iPhone, had a notorious privacy-violating blunder earlier this yr. 

Undergo in thoughts the FaceTime worm? A easy trick gave inferior actors (or kids) the capability to remotely flip on an iPhone’s microphone and, in some cases, digicam. It used to be inferior. It used to be if truth be told, if truth be told inferior. 

Every other necessary fails consist of Put together dinner’s inability to withstand Donald Trump, a seeming capitulation to the Chinese language executive, and, on a lighter show, the 2nd when he received lectured by Trump on iPhone kind. 

Bottoms up, Tim! Next yr is definite to assist. 

Jeff Bezos

Content to watch it all burn

Direct material to locate it all burn

Image: Simon Stacpoole / getty

If you get mastered a attainable sexting scandal, there might perchance be nothing slightly fancy screwing over middle The united states to if truth be told receive the blood flowing. 

Amazon CEO and no longer-style-icon, Jeff Bezos, might perchance well be stable in his worldly riches, but even Scrooge McDuck-stage wealth can’t produce up for his more non-public failings. 

His company’s efforts to sell facial-recognition technology to the manager earned him favorite condemnation from human rights groups. That, combined with Amazon’s zero-fucks reach in direction of customer privacy signify sizable accurate failings, if nothing else. 

Elon Musk



Image: FREDERIC J. BROWN / getty

One company on my own is insufficient to comprise the many fails of Elon Musk. 

The CEO of (amongst other things) Tesla, used to be lately forced to face the limits of engineering within the high-profile Cybertruck window-shattering incident pictured above. We’ll give him a pass on that, however, and as a substitute name to thoughts Musk’s not likely capability to continuously dig himself deeper — a skill exemplified by the “pedo guy” defamation tear

Undergo in thoughts that? When Musk known as a rescue diver a “pedo guy” on Twitter most productive to receive sued by acknowledged diver? Yeah, that trial came about. 

And, while perchance much less of a apt headache, Musk’s spring birth of an “RIP Harambe” rap is its bear ticket of put together spoil. This, significantly, got here sooner than the CEO hasty deleted his Twitter myth in June. It used to be moreover sooner than Virginia transit officials mocked his Monotonous Firm’s efforts to receive futuristic car tunnels.

But, hello, as every succeeding yr of the final decade has taught us, it can well get been worse. It’ll continuously be worse. 

Which is one thing to assist in thoughts as we all silently pray for the repeated champagne toasts to tidy away the final memories of 2019. 

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