The Monetary Model Of The Future with Ido Sadeh Man Founder of Sögur


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Ido Sadeh Man is the founder of the Sögur token, a new digital currency that combines the best attributes of Bitcoin and stable coins. Before his deep dive into entrepreneurship, Ido was a Jazz musician in Paris. He later discovered blockchain and leveraged this technology to design a new currency, borrowing from the best aspects of Central Bank monetary policy while allowing people to store value in a safe way. As Ido sees it, national currencies are useful to nations, but SGR will best suit the global economy.

Scott Melker and Ido Sadeh Man further discuss their shared music background, the difficulties of becoming a successful musician, transitioning from entrepreneurship to the blockchain, the possible death of the dollar, the change from SAGA to Sögur, living on a Kibbutz, selling your Bitcoin when your taxi driver is talking about it, money and materialism, COVID exposing our financial fragility and more.