The new trend of chain games has arrived, one article counts 10 popular chain games


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The hype component of most chain games is far greater than the game playability, but the endless new gameplay is still worth looking forward to.

Original title: “The new pattern of chain games under the explosion of NFT and meta-universe has arrived? Inventory of the top 10 most popular chain games》
Written by: Five Fireball Leaders

Although in the past few weeks, we have been introducing the concept of meta universe, no one thought that meta universe or chain games would attack us in such a violent way, and even directly become the leading plate of pulling the market.

The leader, AXIE, has been nearly 300 times more than it was launched last year. What is even more frightening is that its revenue has crushed Uniswap in the circle, and the outside world has killed the King of Glory. In the past month , it has been close to Ethereum itself… The dark horse CryptoBlade is short. It took just 2 weeks to directly complete the 100-fold mythology, which stunned everyone.

This also directly set off a wave of Play to Earn. Compared with the various financial terms of DeFi, the game is obviously much closer to the people. Although it is still rudimentary and rough compared to the games of the Web2 era, the revolution has taken the first step.

This article will give a brief introduction to the current mainstream and upcoming chain games in the future, and friends who are interested are welcome to experience it.

Turn-based: AXIE, MyDeFiPet, Iluvium

Now AXIE is basically known to everyone in the circle. Strictly speaking, AXIE should be regarded as a development + card + turn-based game. Since the battle is a classic turn-based game, it is classified into this category .

Now all the chain games in the circle are vying to be the “next AXIE”, quite a lot of N multi-projects vying to be the “next Bitcoin” or the “next Ethereum ” feel, but the success of AXIE is not so good copy:

  • Starting in 2018, it took 3 years of accumulation and development to make it look like this.
  • It still has the highest playability of current chain games (although compared with traditional games, it still stays at the level of “Magic Baby”).
  • Has its own Ronin side chain, endorsed by major nodes.
  • The revenue of Uniswap exceeded Uniswap’s revenue.
  • It’s about to get virtual land and Dex on Ronin.

So the dragon head is the dragon head, and it can’t be surpassed simply by other games.

MyDeFiPet can be seen as an imitation of AXIE on BSC, but the style is still different, and friends who are interested can experience it.

Illuvium: The masterpiece that many people are looking forward to should be running on the second floor of Immutable-X. It is a capital favored project. Framework, IOSF, LDCaptital, etc. have investments.

Of course, the reason why this project is famous is mainly because the two founders are the younger brothers of the founders of SNX…

Sandbox: Sandbox, Decentraland

The new trend of chain games has arrived, one article counts 10 popular chain games

It is said that Mana was originally the leader of the chain game, and it is most in line with the feeling of “meta universe”. However, this wave was indeed directly robbed of the limelight by AXIE. The reasons I think are nothing more than the following:

  • Mana is still running on the ETH mainnet, running slowly, and the picture is crude.

  • There is almost nothing that users can do except to stroll around the buildings and look at the exhibitions. There is no competition, no confrontation. In short, you don’t know what you should do…

  • Buying and selling land has been hot for a while, but because of reason 2, you don’t know what to do with a piece of land except for hype , unlike the baby in AXIE.

  • I checked that the daily activity on July 26 was 234, while the daily activity of AXIE was hundreds of thousands, which was a few orders of magnitude worse.

If Decentraland is more like the on-chain version of Minecraft , Sandbox is more like the on-chain version of Roblox . Although they are all sandboxes, just like Roblox, Sandbox focuses on creating games in games. , Committed to making him an entertainment world.

Compared with “Minecraft” or Decentraland’s “targetless exploration and experience”, the purpose is much stronger. It also makes Sandbox have a tendency to surpass Decentraland and become the leader in sandboxes.

Card: Gods unchained, DeFina

The new trend of chain games has arrived, one article counts 10 popular chain games

Cards can be regarded as the earliest on-chain game. At the beginning, one encrypted cat and one Gods unchained were considered “chain games”. Unfortunately, neither project issued a separate token.

However, the two teams are indeed extremely ambitious. The CryptoKitties team developed Flow, an NFT L1 public chain, and the Gods Unchained team developed an ETH-based NFT L2 in cooperation with Starkware, called Immutable X, which will be launched soon. Gods Unchained will naturally be The first game to log on to its platform, and there are also several chain games that plan to cooperate.

The contention between Flow and ImmutableX for chain games will be a very interesting aspect in the next 1-2 years. is another card game with extremely cool graphics and special effects. It is better than Gods Unchained. It is said that the original story and the development team are all from the traditional game. Of course, the playability and balance are not clear. After all, they have not tested by themselves and have no say. Friends who are interested can try it by themselves.

Mud: Cryptoblade

The blackest horse in the chain travel industry recently, completed a hundred times myth in two weeks, on the BSC.

But that said, you don’t need to be too jealous. Now the whole pool will only be around one million dollars after a hundred times. At the low point, the depth is estimated to be only tens of thousands of dollars. You can get three to five points for one or two thousand dollars. Slippage, so no one can eat big money from start to finish.

Why is this game suddenly popular? To be honest, I don’t know too much. I can only say that it may be similar to AXIE. It fully embodies the Play to Earn model and can form a closed loop.

Hype effect> Game fun.

In terms of playability-I feel that the old players who have played Mud for the first time can adapt to this style (you can find out if you haven’t played Mud by searching for it), and the heroes and other screens are quite exquisite.

The new trend of chain games has arrived, one article counts 10 popular chain games

However, the fight is like this. Just tell you you rolled a few points, and the other side rolled a few points, who won? Nothing…

The new trend of chain games has arrived, one article counts 10 popular chain games

If you can add animation to the battle, it feels like there will be more players. I can’t accept this style anyway.

Arcade Room: MoBox

If you have been to the arcade machine room when you were young, you must know that there are many machines and many games in it. You have to use RMB to buy the game currency in the arcade machine room, and then find the game you like to play with coins.

Mobox is such a style. Two games, Gold Coin Master and Simulator, are now online, but the latter two feel that the highlight is a block war (the third quarter) and a wild war (at the end of the year).

The new trend of chain games has arrived, one article counts 10 popular chain games

It is worth mentioning that Mobox is also the gameplay of DeFi+ games. MBOX Token has no pre-mining, no seed round, no pre-sale, and it is mining based on the liquidity of Fair launch, which can be regarded as a Gamfi mode.

In terms of the team, three well-known chain games have been developed before: EtherOnline (Ethereum Legend), Wink (formerly Tronbet) and ChainZ Arena (card popular type), which can be regarded as rich experience.

RPG: BigTime, Mist, Ember Sword, Guild of Guardians

RPG (role-playing game) has always been one of the best in the game industry. There are currently no well-known or fun RPGs in the chain game. However, the several models under development are indeed quite exciting.

BigTime: 3A-level masterpiece, the development team members are from Fortnite , Call of Duty, War Machine, Medal of Honor, God of War, Warcraft and other games. The CEO is the co-founder of Decentraland.

Mist: There is not much information, but the screen of the trailer looks good, it should be running on the BSC.

Ember Sword: The flagship game project of an award-winning game studio. It is very popular. It will run on Matic. It is now on pre-sale. It is said that more than 10,000 applications have been received. Watch the trailer. not bad.

Guild of Guardians: Feel a bit dark in the Q version. It will run on Immutable X and will cooperate with Ubisoft. It will be officially launched next year. Now it has 130,000 registered.

Farm social category: Townstar, My Neighbor Alice

The new trend of chain games has arrived, one article counts 10 popular chain games

Townstar: I’m no stranger to those who have played Happy Farm. I grow vegetables and harvest vegetables. I don’t know if I have stolen vegetables. This can be played now. It is said that the mechanism is quite complicated and the playability is relatively high. Friends who are interested can go ahead. Go give it a try.

My Neighbor Alice: The on- chain version of “Animal Crossing” focuses more on real estate and social networking. Of course, there are also farms. It is worth mentioning that Alice is about to go out of the circle, and Steem is already on schedule. It will be officially launched in January 2022. It was released on Steem, and we will welcome a wave of friends from outside the circle.

Gamefi: Aavegotchi, TLM

Aavegotchi is considered to be Gamefi’s first representative project. It became a smash hit because of its inextricable relationship with AAVE. It has also been online for a long time. It is currently in a state of calmness. After all, his Finance component is much greater than the Game component. In terms of meaning, it is mainly a DeFi state, which is a bit far-fetched to define as a chain game.

TLM was previously known as a game with a higher daily activity rate than AXIE . However, before the battle system was launched , apart from Token mortgage, mining and virtual land sales, there was no other real “Game” place for this game. Wait for a while to battle the system. Open, let’s take a look at how much its “real playability” is.

Horror: Fear

How do you say this, the vertical field of terrorist chain games is currently the only one. I just opened the demo, it feels like a small flash game on the web that I would play when I went to school.

I don’t know what other modes will be released in the future, but I can observe them again after a while.

Competition: Zed Run, Gold Fever

The new trend of chain games has arrived, one article counts 10 popular chain games

Zed Run is a horse racing game, which was not very popular at first, but suddenly became popular after AXIE became popular.

At that time, I was very curious, saying that it was a racing game. Another racing game didn’t catch fire and horse racing was on fire. A group of friends revealed the truth. The horses in the horse racing games are the same as the elf in AXIE, which can be bred and bred. Easy to hype, racing…

Gold Fever is a bit interesting. It is made with the famous Unreal Engine. It may be a chain game with the best picture quality. It is currently in the beta stage. It is worth mentioning that it runs on the Skale side chain. Up.

The design of the game is very interesting. The confrontation is designed as soon as it comes up. Those who choose adventurers must find ways to mine gold in exchange for props; those who choose tribes must desperately stop the adventurers, kill them, destroy their facilities, and get rewards from the gods. In addition to this pair of “tribes and alliances”, you can also choose capitalists, cooperate with adventurers to mine gold mines, or choose merchants, make money and become item creators, lead guilds or invest in infrastructure…


As far as the currently available chain games are concerned, in addition to AXIE, which is really good gameplay, half-hyped and half-played, the hype component of most of the remaining chain games is far greater than the game playability, and it is more like a layer. The DeFi mining of the game skin has become a POG (Power of Game) game that is mining.

I have doubts about how long this kind of heat will last, but chain games have just started. Next year’s RPG masterpieces are still worth looking forward to. New gameplay will definitely emerge in endlessly. The battle between the two major NFT public chains of Immutable X and Flow will also be a good one. What to watch.

All in all, our blockchain world is more lively and fun!

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