The third quarterly report of a listed company ended. What kind of transcripts did the blockchain concept stock deliver?


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Last year’s “10.24” conference not only pressed shortcuts for blockchain applications, but also ignited the enthusiasm of the capital market. According to media reports, after the meeting, the number of blockchain concept stocks on the A shares quickly jumped from dozens to more than 100 in a single weekend. Currently, data from Flush shows that there are a total of 243 blockchain concept stocks in the A-share market, compared with approximately 140 in the same period last year.

After a year of market baptism, how did these blockchain concept stocks perform? It coincides with the end of the third quarter report of A shares, let us find out through the financial report.

Core points:

In terms of registered locations, Guangdong has the most, followed by Beijing and Zhejiang.

In terms of industry, the information service industry is the largest, followed by information equipment, and machinery and equipment third.

In terms of market value, as of October 30, no company had a market value of more than one trillion, 5 companies with a market value of over 100 billion, and 79 companies with a market value of over 10 billion.

In terms of revenue, 4 companies have revenues of more than 100 billion yuan, 19 companies have revenues of more than 10 billion yuan, and 140 companies have revenues of more than 1 billion yuan.

In terms of net profit, no company has a net profit of more than 10 billion yuan, 14 companies have a net profit of more than 1 billion yuan, and 94 companies have a net profit of more than 100 million yuan.

From the perspective of stock price performance, from the beginning of the year to October 30, a total of 121 stocks have achieved gains, of which 8 have doubled and 5 have been cut in half.

Registration place: Beijing’s leading position cannot be shaken, Shanghai has not entered the top three

“North, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hangzhou” are considered to be the five most competitive cities in China’s blockchain cities. In the eyes of many media and research institutions, Beijing firmly occupies the first position, and the second and third positions change from time to time, either Shenzhen or Shanghai. Hangzhou and Guangzhou ranked fourth and fifth respectively.

However, judging from the distribution of the registration locations of blockchain concept stocks, the above-mentioned seats will change.

From the perspective of provincial geographical division, the number of blockchain concept stocks registered in Guangdong is the most sorted, with 59 (41 in Shenzhen and 11 in Guangzhou). Next, Beijing has 49. Zhejiang is third with 28 (18 registered in Hangzhou). Jiangsu is fourth with 17 (4 in Nanjing and 4 in Nantong). Fujian is fifth with 14 (6 in Fuzhou and 6 in Xiamen). Shanghai is sixth with 13 companies. Shandong is seventh with 11 (3 in Qingdao).

In summary, according to the registration place, Beijing is the first, Shenzhen is the second, Hangzhou is the third, Shanghai is the fourth, and Guangzhou is the fifth.

Industry: Information service industry is the most, machinery equipment third

Since blockchain is a strong software technology, more than half of the blockchain concept stocks come from the information service industry, accounting for 52.28%. This is followed by information equipment supporting software, such as computer equipment, communications, and terminal equipment. Somewhat surprisingly, the machinery and equipment industry has entered the top three in the block chain concept stocks.

In the mechanical equipment industry, the block chain concept stocks in the electrical equipment segment are the majority. In the research reports of mainstream institutions, there is no in-depth study of this section at present, and it may be worth further exploration.

Market value: trillion market value is still a dream

The blockchain industry is not big, but it cannot be without dreams. Every aspiring founder wants to list the company. For those with greater ambitions, it is best to achieve a trillion-dollar market value of the company, comparable to BAT (B is not Baidu, but ByteDance).

However, none of the blockchain concept stocks has a market value of more than one trillion yuan. The highest is SF Express, which has a market value of 377.2 billion yuan. There are only 5 companies with a market value of more than 100 billion. In addition to SF, there are Oriental Fortune (2013 billion), China Unicom (147.9 billion), UFIDA (141.1 billion), and 360 (106.9 billion).

There are 74 blockchain concept stocks with a market value of 10 billion to 100 billion.

Revenue: Average revenue exceeds 5 billion

In the first three quarters, the total revenue of blockchain concept stocks was 1.37 trillion, with an average revenue of 5.723 billion.

There are 4 companies with revenues above 100 billion, namely China Unicom (225.3 billion), Suning Tesco (180.8 billion), Ant Group (118.1 billion), and SF Holdings (109.5 billion). There are 19 companies with revenues of more than tens of billions and 140 companies with revenues of more than 1 billion.

Revenue is only a static indicator, and the year-on-year growth rate of revenue can better reflect the growth of the company. Beijing Junzheng has become the blockchain concept stock with the largest year-on-year revenue growth.

Net profit: average net profit of 250 million yuan, SF Express becomes the king of money making

Due to the epidemic, for most companies, not losing money means making money.

However, in this case, there are still more than 180 companies that have achieved positive returns. Among them, SF Holdings became the king of block chain concept stocks with a net profit of 5.5 billion. China Unicom’s revenue is twice that of SF Express, but its net profit is only 4.7 billion, which is not as good as SF Express.’s revenue is also much higher than SF Express, but its net profit is only a little over 500 million, which is 1/10 of SF Express.

In terms of year-on-year growth in net profit, Shenzhen Chase won the first place with 3172.96%.

Stock performance: half ice water half flame

In addition to the suspension of the listing of Ant Group, 121 of the blockchain concept stocks rose and 121 fell. Among them, there are 8 double stocks and 5 cut stocks.

The most outstanding doubling stock is Rendong Holdings, whose share price rose 251% from the beginning of the year to October 30. This is a diversified financial company with third-party payment, factoring, supply chain, etc. as its main business. In March 2020, Rendong Holdings completed tens of millions of A-round financing of blockchain company Heyue Technology. The worst part of the stock cut is Shangying Global, which was previously questioned by the media as a “pseudo-blockchain”. During this period, the stock price fell 89% and the net profit loss was more than 93 million, which was on the verge of delisting.