The two departments issued the “Guiding Opinions” on the application of blockchain technology. What do the leading companies in the industry think?


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The “Guiding Opinions” clearly mentions that in 2025, the comprehensive strength of my country’s blockchain industry will reach the world’s advanced level, and the industry will begin to take shape.

Original title: “Two sectors: China’s blockchain industry will reach the world’s advanced level in 2025”
Written by: Si Linwei Source: Jiemian News

On June 7, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Office of the Central Cyber ​​Security and Informatization Commission jointly issued the “Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the Application and Industrial Development of Blockchain Technology” (hereinafter referred to as the “Guiding Opinions”). It is clear that by 2025, the comprehensive strength of my country’s blockchain industry will reach the world’s advanced level, and the industry will begin to take shape.

For the blockchain industry, the “Guiding Opinions” will determine the major direction of the industry’s development in the next five years.

The “Guiding Opinions” clearly defines “Blockchain is an important part of the new generation of information technology, and it is a new type of database software integrated with multiple technologies such as distributed networks, encryption technology, and smart contracts. In recent years, blockchain technology and industry It has developed rapidly on a global scale, and its applications have been extended to multiple fields such as digital finance, Internet of Things, smart manufacturing, supply chain management, and digital asset trading, showing broad application prospects.”

Da Hongfei, CEO of Distributed Technology, said to Jiemian News: “Blockchain is not just a technology, “Blockchain+” is not just “technology+”, it is a complete business model, organizational form, and even way of thinking. Change of orientation.”

Luo Shaowen, general manager of the strategy department of the Intelligent Technology Business Group of Ant Group, told Jiemian News: “The uniqueness of blockchain technology is the technology that changes production relations, while the main technologies in the past, such as mobile Internet, big data, AI, etc., are mainly to improve productive forces.

“Blockchain is a kind of trust technology, with its full traceability, non-tampering and other characteristics, to ensure the authenticity and credibility of the operation, circulation, transaction and other information on the chain, breaking the original trust mechanism based on acquaintances or collateral. A trust mechanism based on technology and real data is formed, which expands the scope and boundaries of transactions and changes the mechanisms and methods of the original transactions.”

As an emerging technology, after the blockchain was officially born in 2008, my country has also begun to vigorously deploy in recent years.

On March 13, 2021, the “Fourteenth Five-Year Plan for the National Economic and Social Development of the People’s Republic of China and the Outline of Long-Term Goals for 2035” put the blockchain as one of the emerging digital industries, and proposed “focusing on the development of alliance chains”. Blockchain service platform and application solutions in the fields of financial technology, supply chain finance, government services, etc.” and other requirements.

my country’s blockchain currently has a good foundation for development, but it also faces some difficulties that need to be overcome.

The “Guiding Opinions” pointed out that my country has a strong domestic demand market and rich application scenarios, and has a good foundation in the blockchain field, especially the rapid development of alliance chain technology.

In specific areas, a number of representative blockchain applications have emerged in my country in areas such as anti-counterfeiting traceability, supply chain management, judicial deposits, government data sharing, and people’s livelihood services. The supporting role of blockchain in my country’s economic and social development has initially appeared.

The “Guiding Opinions” also pointed out that my country’s blockchain is also facing problems such as urgent breakthroughs in core technologies, immature integrated applications, industrial ecology to be improved, and an obvious shortage of talent reserves. It is necessary to work together to solve the key issues that restrict the development of the industry, and strive to promote my country to obtain new industrial advantages in the field of blockchain.

An important breakthrough direction given by the “Guiding Opinions” is to empower the real economy and improve the level of social services.

“Take supply chain finance as an example. The traditional model of supply chain finance involves multiple entities, including core enterprises, upstream and downstream suppliers and sellers, as well as financial institutions, factoring companies, etc. The more organizations there are, the more information is coordinated. The higher the cost, the more difficult it is to transfer credit. With the application of blockchain technology, these problems will gradually be solved.” said Da Hongfei, CEO of Distribution Technology.

The provision of public services and the promotion of social well-being will also become one of the core purposes of the development of blockchain technology.

In this regard, AntChain said: Public services will be further transformed from “online” to “on-chain”, and promote the on-chain of various public service scenarios. For government agencies, it can promote cross-departmental collaboration, improve collaboration efficiency, and promote various departments The flow of data value between countries. In terms of external services, the transparency of government services can be improved, and the efficiency and quality of government services can be improved.

The “Guiding Opinions” also mentioned that blockchain technology needs to be integrated with other new-generation information technologies to achieve complementary advantages and functions. At present, the integrated development of blockchain and industrial Internet, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, etc. is still in the early stage, and the effect of integrated application needs to be further activated.

Before the breakthrough technology that changes the direction of the world’s development is not mature, technology integration has become the general trend of various industries.

VeChain Technology CMO Xia Yiyun said: “The Internet era has solved the problem of “freedom of information,” and the era of blockchain will solve the problem of “freedom of trust.”

“On the one hand, the integration of blockchain with the Internet of Things technology can greatly improve the accuracy of the data collection process; on the other hand, the blockchain can solve data privacy issues, make artificial intelligence more trustworthy, and help create a more open and A fair artificial intelligence market.” Xia Yiyun added.

Technology integration is not only about the ceiling of industrial development, but also enhances the core competitiveness of blockchain companies.

As a blockchain company, having the strength to develop good products that meet actual business needs will greatly improve the core competitiveness of the company.

In the current market, many blockchain companies focus on technology iteration, but ignore the importance of going deep into the market and understanding market needs. This will lead to a mismatch between the development pace of enterprise technology products and actual business application scenarios.

The development of blockchain companies has gone through the stage of relying on technical support from scratch. At present, resources should be invested in the stage of relying on business logic to support it.

For the current development of the blockchain industry, a system standard that is recognized by the industry will become a primary place of implementation.

Generally speaking, blockchain standards are divided into international standards, national standards, industry standards, local standards and group standards. From the perspective of standard coverage, my country’s basic standards in the field of blockchain already have a foundation, but the subdivisions of applications, interface specifications, evaluation, blockchain applications, and standardized talents are not perfect.

In this regard, Da Hongfei, CEO of Distribution Technology, said that international standards for blockchain are generally promoted by the three international standards organizations ISO, ITU-T, and IEEE. China’s authoritative standard formulation includes the “Blockchain” led by the Electronic Technology Standards Institute of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Chain Reference Architecture, Trusted Blockchain of China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, “Supply Chain Collaborative Application White Paper”.

Luo Shaowen, general manager of the strategy department of the Intelligent Technology Business Group of Ant Group, suggested: “Actively participate in international standards and domestic standardization work, on the one hand, keep the domestic and international standards synchronized, and take the initiative to master the right to formulate the language, and hold regular standardization meetings. At the same time, the standardization organization needs Be more open and attract more manufacturers in the blockchain industry chain.”

Many industry experts and blockchain practitioners have expressed that as a new generation of digital technology, the industrial value of blockchain will be clearer, and the future integration with the real economy and scenarios will further breakthroughs in depth and breadth, and this will The technology and business model of the blockchain are forced to continuously upgrade and iterate, and promote the new round of digitalization in China to develop in depth.

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