The undercurrent of ETH mining machine is surging, is Bitmain E9 true or not? At least 10 companies are ready to enter


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Wu said that the blockchain has learned that with ETH reaching a maximum of about US$620, the Ethereum mining industry has become very fanatical. Rumors of Bitmain’s latest generation of Ethereum mining machine E9 and FPGA Ethereum mining machine are rampant, and at least ten companies are trying to build new Ethereum mining machines.

Bitmain once released the Ethereum mining machine E3 in 2018. It rarely uses ASIC chips and is frantically sweeping goods at high prices in the market. However, due to the sharp drop in currency prices and the immature mining machine itself, it has not only failed to sell, but A large backlog of scrap stocks. E5 is an experimental machine.

In July 2020, the monitoring data of the Ant Sentinel website today showed that a mining machine named “E7” was mining, and Bitmain’s Ethereum mining machine E7 was exposed from this. The maximum computing power of a single unit is about 800M, and the defective products are in About 500-700M, but no mass production and sales.

Recently, rumors about Bitmain’s Ethereum mining machine E9 flowed in the market again. Wu said that the blockchain learned that Zhan Ketuan had said in an internal meeting that the Ethereum chip would be taped out in September. However, after Wu Jihan took back the Beijing legal person, this filming plan came to an end, but he did not rule out the re-launch after future control changes. There is a high probability that the information about E9 in the market is released by Zhan’s sales staff to sell futures to obtain cash flow. The performance of E9 theoretically reaches twice that of E7, which is very amazing.

The core problem of ASIC Ethereum mining machine is not the technology, but the backlash of the community. A veteran of the domestic Ethereum mining machine said with emotion that fortunately, the ant mining machine E3 was not successful, otherwise the community may have accelerated the conversion from POW to POS, and other graphics card miners will suffer. In Bitmain, there is no major technical problem. The main concern is that the community will change the algorithm, so more choose small batch production and self-mining.

At present, Ethereum is starting the first phase of 2.0 from POW to POS. The industry generally believes that it will take about 2 years to complete the transfer, which means that Ethereum miners still have 2 years of mining time, but after the expiration, they can also mine other POW graphics cards, such as the recently popular Conflux.

In addition, the DAG of 12 files before and after this year will exceed 4G, which will cause mining machines with 4G video memory to no longer mine Ethereum. This batch of graphics cards may be used for transformation or out of the mining circle. Power accounts for about 30% of the total computing power of Ethereum. However, ETC can also be mined, and ETC has recently changed its algorithm to be compatible with older mining machines.

Despite this, the Ethereum mining machine can pay back multiple times in 2 years when the currency price is soaring. The payback period for graphics card mining machines is about 10 months, while that for Antminer E7 is 4-5 months. In fact, in 2020, it is very obvious that Ethereum mining is more active than Bitcoin mining. Wu said that the blockchain has learned that at least 10 companies are currently trying to enter the field of Ethereum mining machine manufacturing.

Bitmain’s ASIC model has the highest cost and the largest computing power, but it is likely to trigger V God and Ethereum developers to accelerate the modification of the algorithm, so many of them are secretly developed by themselves, and are mined in their own mines or sold to familiar ones. Big miner. The Ipollo pineapple mining machine invested by the former Canaan co-chairman Kong Jianping or the released Ethereum mining machine belong to this type.

In addition, the most mainstream graphics card customization machine in the industry is the core mining machine A10. According to the University of Mining, the feature of customized machines is that mining machine manufacturers find graphics card processors to produce graphics cards that meet their own requirements. Such graphics cards generally only retain some functions necessary for mining, and other functions not related to mining will be castrated. It is reported that SingDong may also launch the A11 series after the A10. The new wolfshen mining machine is a customized version of AMD GPU, while the Panda mining machine is a conventional GPU mining machine.

Finally, there are assembled graphics cards, which generally use normal graphics cards. Even if they are not used for mining, they can be recycled for use in other industries such as games and have a higher residual value. Generally speaking, for a graphics card that has been dug for two years, the residual value rate is about 30% of the market price of a new graphics card. There is also the rumored Ethereum FPGA mining machine, but there is no mature and cost-effective product available.

Compared with S9 or the current mainstream Bitcoin mining machine S19Pro/M30S, which can have a life span of 3-5 years or even longer, the Ethereum mining machine is more like a short-lived game regardless of development or mining. Because if Ethereum 2.0 is upgraded in the next 2-3 years, this game will end, but the emergence of fork chains is not ruled out.

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