The world of currency: the strong under the head effect is Hengqiang


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Bitcoin continues to break new highs, altcoins are dancing around, and DeFi coins are rebounding strongly. But why are everyone depressed?

Maybe after reading the poll made by Teacher Li Yang, you will understand why. Teacher Li Yang made a poll in various WeChat groups in the currency circle, with the theme “How much BTC accounts for your position”. The voting result can be said to be expected, 50% of people have BTC positions above 10%. Everyone doesn’t have BTC anymore, instead they have a lot of altcoins.

The sentiment of all the WeChat groups in the currency circle I added did not rise much due to the new high of BTC. A friend asked me, what is your current position accounted for the most currency. I said it was BTC. Let me be honest, BTC positions account for 40% of me. He seems very disappointed, maybe the answer he wants is an altcoin that can rise 10 times a night, the kind with magic.

Congratulations to BTC, it has finally completed its de-retailization. Even at this point in time, very few people can come up with 10 BTC. After the reshuffle of this bull market, players who hold 1 BTC can be regarded as big players. Listed companies, family funds, financial institutions, and high-net-worth investors are buying hundreds of thousands of BTC, but everyone has lost their precious bargaining chips, and they have lost everything.

In the last round of the cycle, Bitcoin was still a baby-like plaything, with volatility like altcoins. Holding Bitcoin is like some wild coins now, fluctuating more than 50% every day. At that time, there were not many coins, and the pricing was still BTC-based. The big-headed cats on the market laughed and waited for BTC. Everyone was in the car. Every rise of BTC was accompanied by a high mood.

It can only be said that the times are different, and the world of this currency circle has changed.

The strong rebound of DeFi currency this week has also established the three major blue chips of DeFi: UNI/YFI/AAVE. The biggest significance of this rebound to me is to strengthen the belief that these three currencies can enter the top 20 or even the top 10, and to strengthen my idea of ​​establishing a position in these three currencies. These three coins do not need to be questioned, they are the big coins (Blue Chips) of this round.

Why a strong rebound is of great significance. Because there are still a lot of altcoins that are very weak in rebound and there is no rebound at all, which means that funds are flowing to the top cottage.

Expensive cottage, everything is good, but too expensive. Cheap cottage, nothing is good, except cheap.

The strong will remain strong, and the head effect will become more prominent in this era.

It is a pity that I did not seize the bonus of the ZLOT coin. In fact, I should seize this opportunity the most, because ZLOT is a HEGIC ecological project. It may be that the state of the whole person is still staying in October when resting, and the project and information become a little slow. When you see the information of the first investment project of the Molly&Andre Fund is the information of ZLOT, you should intervene in ZLOT as soon as possible. At that time, there was no response.

Although it is to implement the concept of quiet investment, there is still no in-depth details of the ecology, and this aspect is still not in place. Because there are many opportunities for ecological projects. For example, if you missed Polkadot, it does not prevent you from getting involved in Polkadot ecological projects. There are also many opportunities to obtain Alpha.

Limited energy is also a problem. The importance and priority of decision-making are far greater than research. I hope that in the future, I can have the opportunity to share the time of research and project viewing to new colleagues in the future, and we will focus more on matters at the decision-making level.

This round is BTC’s institutional bull, which means a slowdown in volatility and a longer cycle. It is difficult to beat BTC in a bull market. Asset allocation, track switching, position change, rhythm control, any mistakes in any link will miss some good investment opportunities, and may also lead to chain effects. At the beginning of Niu, Bitcoin broke through the 20000 mark. As long as it can be able to level the market, it does not matter even if it underperforms the market. The highlight is the flurry of altcoins when Bitcoin broke through the previous round.

In this area of ​​currency positions, we still have to strengthen our own subjective initiative. Once you are optimistic about this project, open a position immediately, don’t delay it. The game of the financial market has always been a fleeting opportunity. It may also be “If you want to be rich, make a big bet.” Remind yourself again.

Finally, quote a passage from Mr. Jia as the conclusion:

“In our industry, the periodicity is very obvious, and the iteration speed is unusually fast. When it comes to the eyes of outsiders, it may be close to the top of a period of time. This makes people who have not invested time and energy in it may feel extremely painful:

I often feel that I am drifting with the flow, but I am always lost in hot spots. In my opinion, a hot spot is not a rising track. A hot spot is a place where there is a rigid demand, and sooner or later it will become a hot spot. We saw the bright moments of AAVE/UNI, but we did not pay attention to the painful transformation and dormant period of these projects that have been sinking. New projects and new teams will be tested by different influencing factors. This is the touchstone of project resilience. It has to go through various sizes. The cycle is too difficult. This is also a manifestation of the industry’s gradual decline in growth dividends: more and more professional and structured.

You can feel the ferocity of the back waves and the stability of the front waves. People on the mountain, don’t look down on those under the mountain, because one day they will have someone up the mountain to replace you. Don’t look down on those who go up the mountain, because you are still wandering down the mountain when they are beautiful.

When ETH climbed the mountain, no one would have thought that one day it would account for as much as half of the market value of Bit. If Bit was not born in 2009 but appeared in 2049 or 2109, would it still be presented to everyone in its current form? Or will it appear in a brand-new way with a new consensus?

There must be people who have projects to continuously try and explore. The wind starts at the end of Qingping. We have to constantly look for opportunities that may bring the slightest change to the industry. Don’t give up tracking the situation under the mud and sand. Good stock picking for a big drop means that you can fall together but when it rises, you can always get out of the quagmire first. Maybe you can dig the next wave of pearls. mutual encouragement

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