Three minutes to analyze the PieDAO token economic model of the chain index fund


Understand the usage scenarios and distribution methods of PieDAO governance tokens.

Original title: “An article about PieDAO’s governance token $DOUGH”
Written by: Xu Joniro

DOUGH is the governance token of PieDAO community. Anyone who holds it can join the PieDAO community and participate in the governance of the community.

Three minutes to analyze the PieDAO token economic model of the chain index fund

🍰 Purpose of DOUGH V2

DOUGH v2 will become the governance token of PieDAO community, with the following functions:

  • Governing Pies parameters, reference link

  • Increase value by accumulating expenses generated from different combinations

  • Pledge tokens to the fund pool to participate in PieDAO liquidity mining

  • Fee library exchange

  • Pledge and delegation (to be deployed and released later)

🍰Use scene

Governance: DOUGH token is the key to PieDAO community governance. DOUGH token holders can use the tokens they hold to vote and propose innovations to improve the PieDAO ecosystem. DOUGH holders control the indicator parameters of the Pie smart pool, as well as LP incentives, community bounties, and all plans that can promote the ecological development of PieDAO.

Meta-governance: Once the governance is initiated, the Pie smart pool can charge for the basic tokens in the pool. Therefore, DOUGH holders have control over the different tokens used to manage the DeFi protocol, and PieDAO community management members use DOUGH voting to determine how these tokens will vote in a specific DAO.

In the near future, Pie Smart Pool will enable DOUGH holders to collect governance rewards for assets in Pies, such as DEFI+S.

Three minutes to analyze the PieDAO token economic model of the chain index fundMeta-governance

Value capture: The fees charged by Pie smart pool will be collected in DOUGH vault. Then, over time, DOUGH vault has become a diversified basket of all basic tokens in Pies. DOUGH holders can decide to burn the tokens they hold in exchange for a corresponding proportion of shares in the DOUGH vault at that time.

🍰Token economics and its quantitative distribution

This section aims to solve the problem of DOUGH token economics as a whole, prepare for the upcoming migration application, and allow early investors to convert their DOUGH v1 token into a tradable equivalent DOUGH v2 (previously known as DOUGH v2) FLOUR).

The DOUGH token model aims to ensure:

  • Sustainable development of PieDAO ecosystem

  • Pies liquidity incentives

  • Reward community contributions

  • Create value for pass holders who believe in the uniqueness of PieDAO

First, the total supply of DOUGH is 100 million, and the specific allocation is as follows:

Three minutes to analyze the PieDAO token economic model of the chain index fund

🍰DOUGH pass application

The token application for DOUGH using eth is divided into two stages, and approximately 10% of the tokens have been distributed (EPOCH 1 accounts for 6% of tokens, EPOCH 2 accounts for 4% of tokens and is in UTC The application deadline is 8pm on Friday, September 18, 2020), the DOUGH / ETH rates for different application stages have increased but the lock-up period has been shortened (EPOCH 1 is 1.5 years, EPOCH 2 is 1 year).

In addition, about 10% of DOUGH v2 tokens will be reserved (the initial price is DOUGH/0.0015ETH) to guide liquidity events for PieDAO, for example, DOUGH/ETH will be deployed on Balancer on the day of the PieDAO token migration 80:20 Trading market.

Three minutes to analyze the PieDAO token economic model of the chain index fundDOUGH allocation table

🍰Liquidity mining and incentive plan

A total of 60% of DOUGH v2 tokens will remain in the DAO in order to ensure the long-term success of the project. These tokens will be chosen by the community to promote the development of PieDAO through liquid mining plans, community grants and other incentives.

The key to PieDAO’s success will be the total liquidity attracted by its Pies. Therefore, under the incentive of the “speed of liquidity” indicator, most of the tokens will be used to guide the flow of liquidity into Pies.


Summoners will receive 20% of the total DOUGH tokens, which will be unlocked linearly within three years to compensate for their dedication and dedication to the vigorous development of the entire PieDAO ecosystem: strategy formulation, early technology development, community guidance and consensus building .


Thank you for community feedback and opinion sharing, and for your efforts to expand the PieDAO community.

PieDAO is a decentralized organization dedicated to bringing market access and economic empowerment to everyone through the Internet using the Pie protocol. Anyone in the public community can support these efforts by completing a bounty program, submitting a feature request, or submitting a new Pie. DOUGH holders are the decision makers of the DAO and are responsible for managing which proposals will be adopted.

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