Three minutes to learn about the new product Governance Feed launched by DeepDAO


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The Governance Feed allows DAO enthusiasts and contributors to filter and track the latest developments in the world of DAO governance on the same dashboard.

Original title: “Starting DeepDAO Governance Report”
Written by: DeepDAO

DeepDAO is pleased to add an important new product: Governance Report. This product allows DAO enthusiasts and contributors to filter and keep up-to-date on the DAO world on an easy-to-browse dashboard.

DAO is a digitally native community and organization that coordinates in an open way. Most of this coordination takes place through discussions, in community forums, and votes recorded on the blockchain, enabling the DAO to approve proposals and initiatives.

Due to the nature of these organizations, there are often very few boundaries between different DAOs and communities. Although organizations operating in openness have created openness and transparency, it has also led to an increasing amount of information. Understanding what’s happening in these DAOs is crucial for anyone or organization that wants to participate in them.

DeepDAO is already the leading DAO data platform. With the launch of the Governance Feed, DAO enthusiasts can filter and keep abreast of the latest activities in the DAO they are interested in.

Click the icon in the top organization bar to automatically filter, and you can see the latest situation of the selected organization.

Learn about the new product Governance Feed launched by DeepDAO in three minutes

You can also find a DAO report in the search bar on the left:

Learn about the new product Governance Feed launched by DeepDAO in three minutes

Bookmark and share

The content of the governance report can be shared. Filter out multiple organizations and send them to friends, or collect them, and come back the next day to see what happened to the DAO you are interested in.

Learn about the new product Governance Feed launched by DeepDAO in three minutes Example for filtering content to show only Aave and Aavegotchi DAOs

Governance Feed

The governance report provides a complete overview of all decisions and discussions taking place across the DAO ecosystem. Decisions are votes that occur on any DAO platform in DeepDAO. Discussions are conducted on the respective forums of these DAOs, and are currently often conducted on Discourse.

This new feature also creates great value for analysts who want to understand the different dynamics of DAO. By summarizing all the data, the governance report also provides an up-to-date overview of the activities of the entire DAO space, which can be used as an indicator of the overall health and innovation of the DAO space.

For individual users, governance reports provide the ability to filter and organize DAO activities that interest them. The filtering function can also be used to make a personalized DAO overview, just select the DAO you wish to include in your governance report and bookmark the created URL.

“Multi-dimensional expression is of great significance to data analysis. DeepDAO’s governance report provides a more effective channel by integrating discussion boards. Community members can clearly interpret data trends and diverse views.”

— Blake Gao, Partner of LD Capital

“The side-by-side organization of the discussion forum and the information and data on DeepDAO provides a deeper background for those trying to make decisions in the decentralized governance space.”

  • Hugh Guan, DAO enthusiasts, Partner @ YBB Foundation

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